Take a ride on a model train exhibit in Winnipeg

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Fans can visit a model train exhibit in Winnipeg this weekend.

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Several dozen people, old and young, walk into the Charleswood Legion hall to explore the model trains on display and learn more about this hobby that is common to them.

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It is a desire that grows in yousaid Winnipeg Model Railroad Association vice-president Ian Plett.

One man.

Ian Plett’s train layout measures approximately 120cm. Along the route, there are small houses, toy cars, trees in the same format and even small men installed at the train station and others on construction trucks.

We want to show visitors the steps and details behind assembling a model railroadIan Plett explains that he began to like this hobby towards the end of his adolescence.

A miniature train station.

For his part, Wayne Hillsten shows a smaller model of the railroad.

I wanted to give a simple idea of ​​the model to those who want to get into this hobbyhe said.

It didn’t cost him too much, he says. He said he bought the small decorative trees and the small vehicles installed on his model railroad at Dollarama and Walmart stores.

A man sitting in front of a model railroad car.

Easy to get started [ce passe-temps]launched Wayne Hillsten.

For him, patience and love are two necessary ingredients to embark on this adventure. Also visit model train exhibits when available and ask questionsHe added.

This is what Ioannou Stavros and her son Alexander do. Both have been visiting exhibitions for over six years, and Alexander began collecting trains from the age of 1.

It’s a hobby that never ends, Alexander’s father said. People start at a very young age until they retire and still apply themselves with a smile.

One man and one man.

The organizers are asking guests to make a donation at their discretion as an entrance fee. Half of the collection will go to St. Amant Center in Winnipeg that provides services to people with autism or developmental disabilities.

Source: Radio-Canada

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