Gallardo Doll criticized herself, spoke about the “lessons” of 2022 without celebrating and left the door open to continue

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victory over Argentine Juniorswith landslide included, it brought relief River. Not only to quickly recover from the blow in the elimination of the Argentine Cup in view of Patronagebut also because that victory at La Paternal gave him a boost to qualify for the Libertadores Cup 2023, the only goal that remains to be achieved this year. And for which he will try to advance by facing Estudiantes de La Plata, another direct rival in that fight, this Wednesday, in Monumental.

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For River, accustomed to great achievements, especially in the Gallardo cycle, it’s just a consolationbut it is not a trivial matter if projected in the economic aspect and – above all – in the continuity of the Doll. The technical director has already given signs that he wants to continue leading the squadand getting the move to the next edition of the major continental tournament would end up giving him more strength.

Of course, before thinking about 2023, both the leaders and the DollThey feel they owe each other an interview, which will surely take place at the end of the competition. In that match, both sides will put on the table first a self-criticism and a sincerity on those problems in which they failed this year and which resulted in River not getting any titles.

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Gallardo himself began to do so on Monday evening when he took center stage at the ninth solidarity dinner of the River Foundation, which took place at the Monumentale.

“It is the first time that we are not in a moment of celebration, as this meeting generally finds us in a moment of euphoria or of going to the place where we all want, which is consecration. And that is why it is more precious that they are here and that they continue to accompany ”, expressed the Muñeco.

And, in self-critical mode, he continued: “Teaching not to find the desired success is much more important learning than when we are in the vortex of success and this year I have learned a lot from mistakes and mistakes. And this makes me a person with a greater desire to learn ”.

Thus, while receiving the applause of all the residents of the River Plate present at the dinner, Gallardo, dressed in a gray suit, white shirt and black shoes, left the door open for continuitysomething that, beyond the problems this year, everyone would like in River, as they think the solution will lie with him in mind.

So thinks Brito, who once again expressed the desire that Gallardo continue. “Next month we will define continuity. We are aware that we have the best coach and coaching staff in South America and possibly the world. And Gallardo is the one who best knows the river fan’s palate and is capable of overturning this present. We have a very close bond, we usually have interviews two or three times a week. For our part, we will always be there to accompany ”, expressed the president of River, who intends to offer Gallardo the renewal of his bond (expires in December) until the end of his mandate.

And speaking of the complications that occurred in this 2022, he commented: “We knew it was going to be a very complicated year, with many additions, a very compressed calendar. We have clearly experienced this. But we are optimistic to prepare for next year. There we will have some free time for the preseason, the friendlies … It’s not an excuse, it’s a description of reality. Some players have arrived without preseason or without continuity in their clubs and we are suffering from it. But we trust in the skills of this technical staff and that we reverse this present, which is not good ”.

To reverse this present there will also be occasional talks about the future. And in these meetings they will try to agree on new rules, which will aim at greater joint work, a reorganization of the football budget and specific reinforcements in the market, with the aim of occupying key posts in court.

Source: Clarin

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