Lanús vs. Argentinos Juniors for the Professional League: minute by minute, live

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Lano receives this afternoon Argentine Juniors in La Fortaleza, on the twenty-third day of Professional League, and in a cross between two teams with very different aspirations. The game, which is played from 19:00 with Nazareno Arasa arbitration, is broadcast by the TNT Sports signal.

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The ‘Garnet’ comes in relief, and with three wins in a row, the team begins to hope to leave this present behind, to have a much more positive 2023. in Lano, this string was enough to get him out of the bottom of the ranking, but ahead of next season, the cast of the South of Greater Buenos Aires begins to look sideways at the table of averages. Today he receives Argentinos Juniors with the aim of confirming the passage, to get to the 23-point line.

The ‘Bicho’, on the other hand, went from the highest to the lowest in the league, and after losing 3-0 to River in La Paternal, complicated their chances of qualifying for the 2023 Copa Libertadores. In the annual table, those directed by Gabriel Milito rank fifth, just 3 points behind Gimnasia de La Plata, who would be the last in the standings today. Everything indicates that the last place will be played by Argentinos and ‘Lobo’. To stay, the “Bicho” will try to add three this afternoon.

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possible formations

Lano: Fernando Monetti; Leonel Di Plácido, Matías Pérez, Yonathan Cabral and Nicolás Pasquini; Luciano Boggio, Raúl Loaiza and Tomás Belmonte; Franco Troyansky, Brian Blando and Lautaro Acosta. DT: Frank Kudelka.

Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzillota; Kevin MacAllister, Miguel Torrén and Leonel González; Franco Moyano, Gastón Verón or Andrés Roa, Alan Rodríguez, Javier Cabrera or Nicolás Reniero and Lucas Villalba; Gabriel Ávalos and José Herrera or Thiago Nuss. DT: Gabriele Milito.

Basketball court: Lano

Now: 19.00

Referee: Arasa Nazareno

TV: TNT Sport

Source: Clarin

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