Fernando Alonso presented the new sports car he created with Alpine: what is its value

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August 1st Fernando Alonso surprised the Formula 1 while passing the beginning of the silly seasonwhen he announced his departure from Alpine a Aston Martin Replace Sebastian Vettel next season. The Spaniard said he was not comfortable with the team leader, Otmar Szafnauer, and unwittingly teased the team because the next day they announced Oscar Piastri as his successor, which the youngster denied and later confirmed. who will be Lando Norris’ teammate at McLaren in 2023.

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Two months later, the rough edges that might have existed between the team and the Spaniard – two-time champion with Renault in 2005 and 2006 – disappeared to make a big announcement: to present the sports car they created together, the A110 R , a special edition of which only exist 32 units across the planet.

The unique number has a reason: is the number of victories that Alonso accumulates in Formula 1, where it made its debut in 2001 and has already taken part in 353 Grands Prix – and has many others ahead of it. Even in the category where, for a while, he was the youngest poleman, race winner and world champion.

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Returning to the category in 2021 after winning two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, he returned to Renault with a double mission: compete and participate in the development of car projectseven if not only in Formula 1, because it is now known that he ventured to be behind the creative process of the new Alpine sports car.

The Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso is the most exclusive version of the new Alpine A110 R, the third independent and sportiest model that Alpine has created from the A110. “The Alpine A110R Fernando Alonso combines our F1 experience, the know-how of the legendary driver and Alpine’s precision and agility“, assures the French brand.

Fernando himself fine-tuned the suspension system, protected by an exclusive patent, to give the same intense emotions that are felt on the track. And there’s more: Fernando Alonso also took part in the exterior and interior design, making this special edition of the A110 R an elegant, unique and radical sports car, “the French brand said on his website.

How is the sports car created by Fernando Alonso

Like a painting, being an exclusive Spanish design, bears Alonso’s signature printed on the hood and under the left rear light of the car. Furthermore, just behind the rear windows, the A110 R’s usual French flag changes color to blue, yellow and orange, the colors of Asturias.

As for the interior, the most innovative is the inclusion of the Logo of the Spanish driver on the headrests. In addition, the phrase “there is more than one way to the top of the mountain” is engraved on the windshield, referring to the samurai philosophy that accompanies Alonso in his career.

As for the mechanics of the Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso, it is not very different from that of the production model. It weighs 1,802 pounds and has a 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbo engine and maintains 300 horsepower, as noted on the media website. DAZN.

Its top speed is 285 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds.. It has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As for the brakes, they are Brembo and are bi-material discs with a diameter of 320 millimeters on both axles, with particular attention to cooling to make them suitable for circuit driving.

In this sense, it has three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Track. Its suspension is 10% stiffer than that of the A110 S and also increases in the chassis.

As for the exterior, the big difference between this new A110 R model and the standard one is the matte blue replica of the Formula 1 Alpine A522. In addition, the rear wing mount is painted black, unlike the A110 R’s metallic gray, and the profile of the lights is also black.

Now yes, the big question: how much will the Spaniard-designed car cost? The Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso comes at a price 148,000 euros (21,650,000 pesos, at the official exchange rate). This means an increase of 45,000 euros compared to the production model.

At that price, moreover, the model includes an autographed replica of the helmet of the two-time Formula 1 world champion.

Source: Clarin

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