Gymnastics will be the actor for the accidents and he wants the game with Boca to resume on his court and with the public

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Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata he tried to establish a position quickly after the incidents that occurred in his stadium at the start of the match Mouthby the date 23 of professional leagueL. The La Plata institution has announced that he will make a judicial presentation and that he will appear as a plaintiff in the case after Keep They insist that there was excessive ticket sales.

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“It’s a lie about the over-selling of tickets, Gimnasia did everything flawlessly. What happened last night was a responsibility for state controls and an abuse of law enforcement,” he said. Mariano Cuneo LibaronaGimnasia’s lawyer, in statements to Radio La Red.

“Gymnastics is a victim. He makes himself available to investigations and wants to clarify what happened, investigate everything that happened. There are many responsible, the images are convincing and prove it“added the lawyer.

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In his testimony he also stressed Cúneo Libarona Sergio Berninisecurity minister of Buenos Aires, who assisted after the incidents and pointed to gymnastics as responsible for the chaos and repression caused by the police forces he drives.

“I heard that Berni he was washing his hands transfer the responsibility to someone else. Impossible to conceive a club that sells 14,000 more tickets, then they noticed and lowered it to 10,000. This is impossible, “added the lawyer.

“What happened could have been very serious, I am very sorry for the death of the deceased lord but it could have been much bigger of what he had “, concluded Cúneo Libarona.

As proposed by Gimnasia, the club is also determined to fight in AFA so that the match against Boca resumes on its field and with the local public present, even if given the extent of the conflict from via Viamonte they already renounce the fact that the game will be played behind closed doors.

One of the possible dates for the rescheduling of this match is Wednesday 19 October, between the penultimate and the last day of Lega Professionisti.

Source: Clarin

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