“They ruined my life”, the dramatic story of the gymnastics fan who could lose an eye after being shot by the police

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Rodrigo Arballo, one of the fans who were shot During the repression of the Buenos Aires police outside the Gimnasia de La Plata camp, he recorded a video for social media where he recounts the serious consequences he has remained: one of the rubber bullets hit him in the retina and he risks losing the show “My life has been ruined”He says.

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“My eye is compromised, the retinal area. I had a blood clot and because the shot was so close it exploded from behind. They don’t know if I’ll see again, I have 95% no and 5% yes. Today I don’t see anymore. I can blink, but I don’t see anything, “she said in an interview with TN.

According to his story, Rodrigo was going to court with his wife and sister, with ticket and card in hand. Around 9:15 pm, a few meters before entering the field, he discovered that the access gates were already closed.

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There began the police response to fans. They pushed him and, turning to see why, was hit in the facejust under a meter and a half away.

At that moment he fell to the ground and, in the tumult, received a pavement that caused a maxillofacial fracture. It was her sister who found him, dragging him about 15 blocks until she was able to load him into the car and take him to the hospital. He does not remember any of this, but he was told that Fr.He was bleeding from his nose and mouth.

“I want the police to take over and it goes viral, because they ruined my life “held.

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Source: Clarin

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