FIFA is concerned about the protocol followed by doctors after Dibu Martínez’s coup

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While Emiliano Martínez worried Argentina about the blow received in the head Saturday in the match against Newcastle for the Premier League, a group of sports specialists met in Amsterdam at a medical congress where they discussed safety protocols in case of concussion.

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Funded by FIFA and other bodies, this congress meets every four years to publish a scientific consensus statement that sport uses to shape its concussion protocols.

Thus, Martínez’s injury, after his partner’s knee Tyrone Mings, they remained at the center of the scene, because they considered it their own the protocol indicated in cases of “head trauma” was not applied.

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It is that the national team goalkeeper continued on the pitch for a few minutes before being definitively replaced. Quite the opposite of what the protocols say, which require that the person be affected must be withdrawn immediately playing field and transferred for the respective evaluation.

In a note to the Daily Mail, Chris SuttonFormer Aston Villa footballer and now a newspaper columnist, he made a strong note on the subject, in which he also stressed against the proceedings: “Martínez was cured. Then he went on to play. Then he had to be replaced. Sure he did. Most of us could see that Martinez was struggling. I understand that the medical staff of the football teams are in a difficult position. “

“They can be nervous when they advise the manager to substitute a player. But are clubs like Aston Villa really doing everything they can? Have they forgotten the mantra “if in doubt, put them out” that they must follow?

And it closed with a strong message: “I’m sick of saying it myself. You can see what happened to Martinez described as a ‘blow to the head’. And it’s not, it’s “brain trauma”. To call it a “blow” is only to trivialize the injury. It scares me that something fatal happens before football finally wakes up. “

Source: Clarin

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