The craziest 10 minutes in football: four goals in one go and a dramatic draw in the promotion of England

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A few days before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the European championships are experiencing a hiatus: about to enter a hiatus of over a month, the teams know they cannot give away points. And when it comes to major leagues, one that cannot be ruled out is Football League One, the third category of English football.

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For its budget, its stadiums and its tradition, the British promotion is considered one of the best in the Old Continent. And their teams show it week after week. This time it was Charlton and Ipswich Town, two clubs living very different realities, but this Saturday they staged one of the most impressive clashes of the year.

The game was played at The Valley, the Charlton stadium, and if something was not lacking, it was the emotions. The game opens with a visit in the last breath of the first half, and already in the complement they lengthen the advantage with a goal at the start. Afterwards, the venue managed to equalize with a flurry of good football, and when it looked like the clash had ended in a draw, the goals reappeared.

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Already in time, Charlton and Ipswich drew 2 to 2, but the progress of the match promised some more excitement. The referee cooperated on the show and added another six minutes, which the visit would soon take advantage of.

Around the first minute overall, Ipswich regained the lead thanks to a goal from Freddie Ladapo and, just two minutes later, extended the lead thanks to Sam Morsy.

With two minutes remaining and two goals left on the scoreboard, the fate of the match seemed sealed, but Charlton fought nonetheless. Terell Thomas scored for the Londoners and Ipswich paid dearly. The visit was intended to take care of the result of the last few minutes, and this resulted in another two minutes of addition by the referee. In Charlton, the illusion grew.

And with more thrust than football, the heroic arrives: in the 99th minute a center falls into the area from the left sector. Ipswich goalkeeper Christian Walton didn’t provide much confidence on his exit and the change of tack found George Dobson’s head. The 24-year-old midfielder went looking for the dying man, managing to connect a good header that came through the mouthpiece.

The Ipswich defense fell by the wayside and the League One guards could only watch the game slip away from them at their last breath. There, the celebration broke out in London and Dobson merged into a hug with his teammates. Meanwhile, Charlton fans cheered in the stands.

In this way, the balance of the match was none other than four goals in the 90 minutes of regular time and another four goals in the extra 10. The match was exciting. Is it one of the best of the year? It will be necessary to dive to find a lot of goals in less than 600 seconds.

Source: Clarin

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