Board of Trustees, the day after the great joy: they must put together a women’s team and look for a field to play the Libertadores

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revolutionized. That’s how it is Council of the Athletic Club of Catholic Youththe city of Paranaand the entire province of Between rivers, from an unprecedented title that even in the best of dreams their fans would have imagined. That is why those who have not traveled to Mendoza to enjoy obtaining the Argentine Cup They waited live until the early hours of this Monday for the bus that toured the streets of the capital and transported those players who had become sports heroes.

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It was the beginning (or even the continuation) of an endless day of celebration, which included a visit to the governor Gustavo Bordot and a new party with his fans, this time at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella stadium. The cars dressed in red and black were a postcard that was repeated on every street. Inside, fans honked their horns and sang for the “Patrón”.

“If Colo (Facundo Sava) had arrived about 15 dates earlier, Patronato would not have been relegated, we hope it will continue like this and that the club will continue to give us a lot of joy”complained one of the fans who went to the venue located in the Villa Sarmiento district.

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The descent, likewise, was left behind, far behind. The kilometers they accumulate by covering the First National team in the next season do not count, because those will be opposed to the miles they will add for the trip to Abu Dhabi for the Argentina Super Cup versus Mouth (January 21) and the Libertadores Cup. Yes, the Patron ” will play maximum continental club tournament and meet group stage rivals next time December 21when Conmebol makes the draw, once the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is over.

But there is two important details to resolve in the coming weeks of his first qualification for an international tournament. Is that the new Conmebol licenses require you to have participating clubs a professional women’s team and at least one youth category within a regional or national tournament approved by the AFA. Today the Council does not have it.

We don’t have women’s football because the club doesn’t have the infrastructure, that’s the reason. We know that it is a requirement of Conmebol to compete in the Copa Libertadores 2023 “, explained the vice president, Dante Molina. and its president, Oscar Lenzacknowledged not being aware of the subject, but clarified: “Don’t let Conmebol worry, I’ll start training him”.

“The applicant must belong to a women’s first team or be associated with a club that has the same one. In addition, she must belong to at least one women’s youth category or be associated with a club that has the same. applicant must provide technical support and all equipment and infrastructure (playing field for the disputing of matches and training) necessary for the development of both teams in suitable conditions Finally, it is required that both teams participate in national and / or regional competitions authorized by the respective Association Member “says article D.04 of chapter IV of Conmebol’s licensing regulations.

From these two paths that propose the same Conmebol regulation, explained the vice president Molina: “The easy one is to take a pre-assembled women’s football team. The difficult part is investing in a new campus, with a structure from scratch “.

“What we talked about is that it would be a condition for the next tournaments to have women’s football, that the communication has already reached us. Well, so far we haven’t had that news but I assure you that we will have several candidates to play“, added Lenzi, in televised statements.

location options

Another point that Board executives will have to resolve will be where they will referee as locals during the group stage. The Conmebol regulation provides for the following tabulation regarding the capacity of the stadium: 7,500 spectators (preliminary); 10,000 spectators (group sentence); 20,000 spectators (round of 16 and quarter-finals); 30,000 spectators (semi-final).

The Board of Trustees would comply with that point (El Presbítero Grella has 22,000 seats but is licensed for 15,000), but not to others related to infrastructure, such as the minimum lighting required by television.

So, as President Lenzi acknowledged, the alternatives would be the stages of Columbus or Union in the city of Santa Fe, which through the sub-river tunnel allows you to make this journey in just over half an hour.

“Whether in Unión or Colón, I think we have the doors open for both teams, we have a good relationship. Maybe Colón gets a little more advantage because we play with the same colors, but we have a good relationship with both,” he said. the leader when talking about the two clubs that will not have international competitions in 2023.

Source: Clarin

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