With Lo Celso busy, the complete medical report of the Argentine national team 19 days before the World Cup

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The days are crossed out on the calendar and less and less are missing at the beginning of Qatar World Cup 2022. The Argentina national team received bad news this weekend after the injury of Young Lo Celso this would leave him out of the big appointment in the Middle East. But apart from the Villarreal midfielder, there are more cases of injuries or injuries than Lionel Scalloni He’s keeping an eye on whether or not he can count on them when he brings back the final list of 26 names on November 14, eight days before his debut against Saudi Arabia for group C.

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Some protagonists of Scaloneta have already recovered and are starting to reappear in their respective clubs. Others, meanwhile, they are still saved and are finalizing the restore. How is each case?

-Giovani Lo Celso: He is the busiest of all. He injured his right hamstring last Sunday in Villarreal’s 1-0 defeat to Athletic Bilbao. He left in 24 minutes. At first it was believed that it was just a simple tear, but in the last few hours the studies have deepened as he would also suffer muscle detachment. If this is confirmed, his recovery will not be less than a month and a half, which will automatically exclude him from the World Cup.

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-Cristiano Romero: It is the other who in the last few hours has returned to be part of the list of injured. El Cuti is dragging discomfort in his right calf and as a precaution he is adjusting his minutes on the pitch. The man from Cordoba did not play Tuesday in Tottenham’s decisive match against Olympique de Marseille for the Champions League. It is the second consecutive absence since he was not called up against Bournemouth from the Premier League last Saturday.

-Paolo Dybala: he tore his left-handed rectus femoris on 9 October after taking a penalty at Roma. He is undergoing special treatment. If he comes, he comes with just enough. For example, in the last lap of Argentina on North American soil, the Cordovan could not add a minute because it was already dragging on the discomfort. It’s a big dilemma for the DT albiceleste. Bring him anyway and bet that he’s fully recovered there or leave that place for another one hundred percent and with the shoot? For now, they will wait for their evolution until the last moment.

-John Foyth: He is a player that Scaloni takes into account since he can perform various functions in defense. He is making an offer to enter the ninth place of the defense. His left knee forced him to stop for more than a month and a half. He is still on the mend, he has started racing and hopefully he can return to the field before the World Cup. Will it be enough for him to be summoned?

-Angelo Di Maria: He has a minor right thigh injury. It has been two weeks of recovery, he intensifies his training and next week he would be available to return to the ring at Juventus and add minutes before Qatar.

-Leandro Paredes: one that shouldn’t be a problem. He also has a slight injury to his left thigh (sprain) and he still has a few days left to be available at Juve. At the World Cup, if there are no setbacks, he goes.

-Nicolas Gonzalez: one who hasn’t had a good year with injuries. This time it was immediately ruled out that he had suffered a rupture of a fibrillar or a tendon in Fiorentina. As a precaution, he will have a few games of rest.

Guido Rodriguez: He had a hard hit in the hip playing for Betis against Ludogorets from Hungary. That’s why last Sunday he was not against Real Sociedad and I wouldn’t even say he was present on Thursday for the Europa League, since the DT, Manuel Pellegrini, tries to have him for the classic against Sevilla.

-Exequiel Palacios: He is a favorite of Scaloni, but has repeatedly missed tours due to injury. He was injured on 10 September playing for Bayer Leverkusen in the left thigh and this Tuesday reappeared as a starter against Bruges for the Champions League. Is he on the final list for the defeat of Lo Celso?

-Giovanni Musso: The Atalanta goalkeeper has already recovered from the operation due to a fracture in his right jaw on 18 September. He cut with a protective mask. He competes with Gerónimo Rulli for the share of third goalkeeper.

– German pezzella: He reappeared on Sunday at Betis after an injury sustained last week in the warm-up before the duel with Ludogorets.

-Marco Acuna: The egg is a fixture in this selection. Sevilla’s have a chronic adductor disease that sometimes forces him to stop, like in the duel against Real Madrid. It comes from entering the Champions League and also from the bench in the League. He is called up for the duel against Manchester City. He is undergoing special medical treatment to improve.

– Emiliano Martinez: scared everyone to death when he had to leave Aston Villa’s door in last weekend’s defeat to Newcastle with a blow to the head. Then he calmed down and sensed that it was just a minor trauma.

Source: Clarin

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