Lionel Scaloni intervenes: what he said about Lo Celso’s injury

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Lionel Scalloni He left this morning for Europe with the concern of those who know that he could lose one of his owners and a key piece in the march of the team that won the Copa América and that has the dream of the World Cup between the eyebrows. 20 days after the debut against Saudi Arabia in Qatar 2022.

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The theme Lo Celso He has the coaching staff on alert, but the coach remains cautious when he declares: “We are evaluating how the situation is, both for him and for the other players. It is something that could happen with many games in the month of October. We await news to see what decision we will make “, DT said.

Then, he said he had talked to the footballer of the Villarreal and left a clear message on the issue of accidents: “I told Lo Celso that health comes first. I have no intention of taking unnecessary risks for the player’s health.”

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Source: Clarin

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