Boca, in the sweet expectation of Benedetto for the Champions trophy: Ibarra plays without “9” against races?

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“I will tear the whole”, it was the confession of Dario Benedetto A La Plata, in the key duel against gymnastics. But the attacker, despite coming with 17 days of inactivity, tries to be in the last game of the season, against Racing, which will define the Champions trophy in San Luis. Will play it. And the coach will wait for him until the end, aware that even the physical advantages cannot be given to this end of the year.

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But while waiting for the striker, the coach still works with a team that has been able to rest but remains unknown because of the physique. And this Luca Langoni Drag an overload and that’s why he didn’t even participate in the football test. Behind them are Luis Vazquez With pain in the right quadriceps, Zambrano with knee pain e At the limit not only by the body: it has not been formalized nor if it can play or not, as well as Pol Fernández, although he received his tenth yellow against the last date of the League. Both were included in the list of concentrates.

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With all this to deal with, the doubts about Benedetto are greater. Can Ibarra afford to have a worn team with a marker without being full? Perhaps for the technical staff, pipe is an option of the replacement bench and can contact him if the game needs it. For everyone, the match against runs cannot only be resolved by football, but also by the rest of each team, overwhelmed by the calendar.

In the practice of this Thursday, Ibarra also tested a new tactical drawing, but with the freedoms for Oscar Romero, who positioned himself in the middle of the field but more advanced than he did in previous games. A kind of hitch but with a positional setback. In addition, there were Pol Fernández (subject to the fact that he could be in the game or not), Alan Varela and Juan Ramírez. Although Cristian Medina and Martín Payero, two pieces of relay that can be fundamental in a final that Boca will have to face without weight or obligation: he knows that after being twice, the emergencies will be in the races.

The detail of the essay was in the attack, with a villa accompanied by Norberto Briasco and not by Gonzalo Morales, the other tip left on the team. The footballer who lived negatively with the role of “Nine” with Miguel Russo and Sebastián Battaglia can be the appetizer? If Langoni is fine, the coach does not exclude that he could share eleven with the Colombian, but in this way he would lose the reference to the area again.

Renovations to be defined

Boca, beyond the closure of a year with the Olympic turns, focuses on the termination of the renovation works of the contract before entering the search for new surnames in the passage market. That’s why he’s already advanced Franco Fabra Y Carlos ZambranoTo which he offered to extend their ties for two seasons.

The Colombian, with 8 years in the institution, is analyzing to sign his contract, but also lower the termination clause in the event of having a medium -term proposal. The Peruvian central defender, meanwhile, was under analysis for his continuity. But Marcos Rojo’s injury led him to the club to try to secure a defender who already knows the club.

The situation of Agostino Rossi it’s different. Because while Fabra and Zambrano have shown intentions to extend their contract, the goalkeeper hypothesizes to maintain the passage in possession of him and to be able to negotiate in another institution with the possibility of possessing his file. In the last meeting, the club offered to lower the initial clause to facilitate a short -term transfer and also an excess value of a future sale. But he is unable to deal with another higher contract (his agent of him requested $ 11 million free of taxes for 4 seasons and $ 2 million in cash only for the company), given the economic context of the country. Rossi wants to stay while he declares constantly?

Source: Clarin

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