Everything Kun Agüero thought ahead of the sanctions against the Netherlands in the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

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“Today you become a hero”Javier Mascherano told Sergio Romero. That sentence will be forever associated with the shooting in which the Argentina national team blow Holland 4-2, in the semifinal of the Brazil World Cup 2014and with which he agreed to play a new final.

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Lowercase He was huge under the three seats and devised Ron Vlaar and Wesley Sneijder shots that night. The goalkeeper became the great figure of Albiceleste’s team, but his teammates also did well the work of him by transforming the four shots.

The Omencharged with kicking the third of that penalty shootout for Argentina, he recalled the historic night in a flow Y revealed an incredible anecdote Which has to do with how he felt on the walk before shooting down the twelve steps.

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True to his style, decontracted and relaxed, the former Manchester City striker and the Argentinian national made the change. And when the other goalkeeper (Jasper Cillessen) played, we said “shit”“.

And there the clarification of the footballer formed in detail began: “So, I know that the Newcastle goalkeeper will have told him where I normally fired. My favorite stick was on the left side of the goalkeeper, then I started practicing where I launched what I have launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched the one that I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched what I launched that day that day (opposite dress) “.

The He went on to explain everything that went through his mind about that eternal walk: “The goalkeeper will have told him “Kun always launches him there”. And I said ‘I’m going to ruin everything’. And you saw it while walking you are thinking. That’s where my first arrhythmia caught me, “she said with a laugh.

But then the pressure was such that he decided to change his choice again and shoot the left pole, as always. “I say already:” This will tell her that I will change it, “I will throw it into the same stick where I always launched. If I had chosen that stick that the goalkeeper went to the other side,” he added.

But finally, in those moments of tension and doubt, he was true to his first impulse: “When I catch the ball I said “no, I won’t change”, if I’ve already decided on that stick, that’s all. All this in my head. So already in my head I decided that I would not have changed and launched there. ”

Finally, the former Barcelona kicked off to the right of the goalkeeper Cillessen, who guessed the stick, but managed to convert without problems with a powerful execution.

The He finally won the nerves of that night: “Then my heart rate went down to 80, it seemed that you were sleeping“The anecdote concluded with a laugh.

Rodriguez Maximilian He performed the fourth shot of the shooting which ended 4-2 in favor of the team led by Alejandro Sabella.

With that victory at the Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeir?

Source: Clarin

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