Home Sports Jorge Almirón fell into Spanish football again: this time it only lasted five games in Elche

Jorge Almirón fell into Spanish football again: this time it only lasted five games in Elche

Jorge Almirón fell into Spanish football again: this time it only lasted five games in Elche

The Argentine coach Jorge Almironsacked on Monday from Elche, he fell again in his second successful attempt in Spanish football, as his stint lasted just five games at the same club he went through a first trial two years ago that didn’t work either.

The coach, who according to the official statement of the institution has decided “Take a step to the side”he failed to get the team, the last of the competition, to react and in the five games he led Elche he could only add two draws.

Generated by the arrival of the 51-year-old technical director So many doubts in the surroundings of the Elche club, which has not forgotten that in its previous phase, in the 2020-21 season, hHe had been sacked with the team in the relegation zone and after a sixteen-game losing streak without a win.

That sign has weighed on him in this second phase ever since became the coach of the Spanish First Division who amassed the most games in a row without achieving a win.

The owner of the club, the Argentine businessman Christian Bragnikhad asked for a vote of confidence for Almirón after his surprising reinstatement, as a very different profile was expected following the traumatic departure of the previous manager, Francisco Rodríguez.

Upon his return to Elche, Almirón admitted he was the first “Surprised” for this second opportunity and said he was more prepared and “mature” than his first stage to face the previous challenge, which he joined in the middle of the pandemic and a newly promoted and inexperienced team.

The Elche fan forgot her past and trusted her during the first few games, but after the defeat against Getafe and the bad image in Valladolid, her patience ran out.

Several followers who went to see the game in Valladolid asked for the expulsion of the coach in the same stadium and the social networks exploded against the Argentine, with the owner claiming an urgent replacement.

Almirón had started well with a controversial draw in Valencia (2-2) which left positive feelings. Moreover, against Real Madrid, despite the defeat, Elche had offered a good image.

The team added again against Espanyol in Barcelona (2-2), but in the two games considered fundamental against Getafe (0-1) and Valladolid (2-1) they failed to leave the last place in the standings and breathe a bit’ .

The defeats, the management of the group, with several important players who are not very visible and out of shape, and the moral collapse of the players have precipitated the outcome.

The numbers of the Argentine in his two stages in Spain could not be more sensational. In his first year, Almirón led the team in twenty-one league games with three wins, nine draws and nine defeats. In Copa del Rey he added three more games, with two wins and one defeat.

This season, in the five successful games, he added two draws and three defeats. In total, only three wins out of twenty-nine engagements e a streak of twenty-one straight games without a win.

Almirón, who had his best stop as DT in Lanús – where he won several titles – came from a very bad club experience in the south of Greater Buenos Aires, where he was also sent off. Obviously the second times are not good for him.

Source: EFE

Source: Clarin


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