There are 6 thousand Argentines who will be denied access to the World Cup in Qatar

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Just 15 days after the debut of the national team at the World Cup, the first Argentines are already starting to land in the lands of Qatar. Based on the air supply from Buenos Aires, it is estimated that about 20 thousand Argentines will give the present in Arab land to encourage Lionel Messi and company. But there are also many who will be excluded.

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The Ministry of Security of the Nation has delivered a report to the authorities of the Asian country in which all the people who have the right to be admitted to attend sporting events in our country are detailed. Among the people who have had violent behavior, barrabrava and parents who do not respect the food quota, Approximately 6,000 Argentines will be banned from entering Qatar at the time of the World Cup.

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Who has been in charge of detailing these bans in the last few hours has been the Minister of Justice and Security of the Nation, Marcelo D’Alessandro, who in dialogue with the radio La Red explained what the document they presented together with other districts and with the AFA looks like. “The list is made up of the different jurisdictions that have issued deeds of right of admission,” she explained.

“So far this year we have 2,024 people with the right of admission. We have passed the AFA a list of 1,547 people who are eligible for entry for violent acts, such as belonging to bars“, specific.

As a result, it is clear that nearly a quarter of the list is made up of fans who are not directly linked to organized groups. In deepening the process they have carried out, he stated that “lists are generated that are first corroborated in order to subsequently notify those entitled to admission”.

“Delegations are always sent to the World Cup who work together with the authorities of each country, in this case Qatar. What we are looking for is that families can enjoy sporting events again, without violence. For us, the violent are violent here and in Qataradded D’Alessandro.

Finally, the Buenos Aires official once again stressed the role of violent people in Argentine football and opted for a new project: “We are presenting a change, because we want these violent people not only to have restrictions in approaching the stadiums of football, but also also can not enter mass events in general.

The concrete thing is that, despite the warnings of the Ministry of Security of the Nation, in the next few days it is expected that between 300 and 500 barra brava will try to enter Qatar. Many of them do not have a valid right of admission, even if to enter they have to pass several checks that promise to be exhaustive.

Source: Clarin

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