Giovani Lo Celso will not go to the World Cup because he has to undergo surgery: the Argentine national team loses a fundamental piece for Qatar 2022

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Young Lo Celsoone of the undisputed owners of the Argentina national team who will play Qatar World Cup 2022was left this Tuesday unaffected by the call due to the right hamstring detachment he suffered in the game he played Villarreal versus Atletico Bilbao. two weeks ago, from LaLiga de España.

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Last Monday Lo Celso underwent the latest complementary studies that gave the certainty that he will not arrive in conditions to go to the appointment in the Middle East. This is the decision of the doctors, as he found out Clarioneis to go through the operating room.

Once the diagnosis is known, the technical staff is led by Lionel Scalloni He had a conversation with the player and they agreed that it was best for him to recover normally, without risking his condition further by trying to be in the World Cup.

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The midfielder wanted to exhaust all instances before lowering his arms. And he analyzed the possibility of undergoing alternative treatments. If there was any hope of getting there, the former Rosario Central wanted to hold on to it. For this Scaloni waited for him as long as he could.

The medical body of the national team was aware of all the tests carried out on the player. Also Tottenham from England, holder of the Giovani Lo Celso pass, on loan to the Yellow Submarine.

Scaloni, during his brief stay in Argentina before going to Doha, was very clear when he referred to the player’s health.

“I told Lo Celso that the player’s health comes first, let’s not risk it not normal, anything that is an unnecessary risk to the player’s health, for my part I won’t. The team, no doubt then we think to the individual… They are guys who have been with us from the first day, that weighs, we are sorry, but we always put the good of the team first ”, said the TD.

Lo Celso’s absence is the first negative news of Argentina’s dream in Qatar 2022. The footballer with a past in Rosario Central is not one of those considered by Lionel Scaloni. He was one of those who had the most minutes throughout the cycle and established himself as a key piece in a midfield out of his memory.

A statistical data on that sector of the Scaloneta field is enough to understand the importance of Lo Celso: De Paul played 42 games, Paredes, 40 and Giovani, 35. Among them there is only Lautaro Martínez, with 38 games.

Other? He is the best assistant of Scaloni’s cycle, together with a certain Lionel Messi, with 9 passes. He also highlights his versatility, since he can be hosted in different functions within the court. And he not only plays and asks for it, but he puts it in and scratches, according to what the game requires.

The loss of Lo Celso now opens the question of who will be the name that will end up passing from the window to this list of 26 whose deadline is Monday 14 but which could become official in the next few hours.

Source: Clarin

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