Lionel Scaloni, in the decisive hours for the World Cup ranking: “We must think well”

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Lionel Scaloni crosses decisive hours in the Argentine national team. It is that next Monday 14, at the latest, he will have to present to FIFA the final list of the players who will represent the Argentine national team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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And although some imponderables, such as Giovani Lo Celso’s painful injury loss, have certainly complicated his plans, the albiceleste pilot seems determined to do not stray from the path of temperance, in times of difficult resolutions. “We have to think well,” she stressed.

“I am of the idea of Let him come who is able to play. One hundred percent there will be very few or almost none, but it will be his maximum football expression “, said the Argentine coach.

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In an interview he released a TNT Sport, he added: “We are clear that we need players who are well, that if they have to go out and play on 22 (debut against Saudi Arabia), they are. We will try to do it when we give the list ”.

Let’s think about the most important match we have, which is 22 and we want everyone to be available. After there may be some nuanceif we want to risk it or not. Let’s think about the first match, no later than that ”, clarified Scaloni, practically opening the door to Paulo Dybala, a striker who will leave behind just enough a muscle injury suffered in Rome.

In this sense, the Santa Fe coach, champion with Argentina in the last Copa América 2021 in Maracana against Brazil, admitted: “It is a moment of difficulty in which you have to think wellalways for the good of the group and the team “.

In this scenario, former member of Jorge Sampaoli’s coaching staff at the 2018 World Cup in Russia agreed to manage the possibility of asking clubs that players who are not in optimal physical condition are exempted from corresponding matches before joining the national team. . representative.

In that group, of course, there is Lionel Messi, who rested in the PSG match against Lorient, for the French Ligue 1, due to an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, and who will return to train on Thursday to find out whether or not he can face Auxerre in his latest engagement with the Parisian cast.

“It’s difficult (to have players first) because clubs play so many things. We will force you to do this those who are not in top form do not play the game in their club. But whoever is close to one hundred percent, do not deprive him of playing because it is better for us “, said Pujatense, who on Monday evening made the last landing in Qatar together with his team, some executives and the first confirmed summoned. the goalkeeper Franco Armani.

Then, he gave the impression that he had tried to put a cloak of calm on the situation of the Argentine captain: “There will be someone who, as a precaution, will not play the last few games, but we know they are fine and it is a decision that thinks about what is coming, and about others who should give us the tools to know if they respond on the ground ”.

Argentina will debut in Qatar 2022 on Tuesday 22 of this month against Saudi Arabia, at 7 in our country. Four days later he will face Mexico, starting at 16, and at the same time, but on Wednesday 30, he will complete Group C against Poland.

Lionel Scaloni: “Getting along with your neighbor gives you an advantage”

The Argentine coach has put special emphasis on group connection. The most important thing is that they have fun when they go out to play in this shirt. It is useless to think that you had not won a title, that everyone was waiting for you to win and this generates an anxiety that does not make you give your best ”, she assured.

“We put a lot of emphasis on it the previous group was a success and make them understand that this is very difficult and that they have to try their best because nothing happens if I lose, life goes on and there are no problems. You can’t go out on the pitch thinking that if you lose everything is wrong. It was an important job and everyone understood it, “she said.

Then, he referred to the experience that he and the rest of the coaching staff have with the albiceleste shirt: “We who were players of the national team remember the moments spent, the barbecues, the tables, the chat, games of trick. These are moments you will never forget.

“I think they got the message, they have fun, they want to be together and in the end I’m convinced that if you get along with the one next to you, it gives you an advantage,” he remarked.

Lionel Messi’s possible last World Cup

Scaloni also referred to the possibility that Qatar 2022 could be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. It could be the last we hope not. He’s happy on the pitch and he makes a lot of people happy, not just Argentines, “he said.

“And if we take care of it and carry it as we should carry it, perhaps there may be more games than him because the world of football asks for it. It is up to us to take care of him, that we can continue to have fun and that he feels comfortable on a football pitch “, he concluded.


Source: Clarin

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