Scaloni in Qatar mode: for how many matches is Messi, the nod to who arrives right and the most important crossover of the World Cup

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The Argentine coach Lionel Scallonihe said today that he wanted to have “everyone available” for the debut on Tuesday 22 against Saudi Arabia for group C of the Qatar World Cup, even if he made it clear that there could be “nuances” between the squads and opened the door to the attacker Paul Dybalathat would have reached the limit after his injury.

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“The most important match now is the debut, it is a game that is played from the emotional, we want everyone available, regardless of whether there may be a nuance. Given the difficulty of the debut and the group, we need everyone available, “commented the DT in a note with CNN Radio.

“I am of the opinion that there will be no players who are physically fit at 100% in all national teams, but yes, our idea will be that they are at their best footballing level. It is true that we will do our best so that those who are not in top form do not risk the last few matches, even if we want those who are well to do so because they are the best, “she said.

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In fact, in the last few hours the non-participation of the Alejandro “Papu” Gomez Y Marco Acuna in Seville, which are added to that of his partner Gonzalo Montielsent off in the classic against Betis last weekend.

At the same time, the DT’s statements were a nod to Cordovan Paulo Dybala, a Roma figure from Italy, who suffered a serious injury to the rectus femoris muscle of his left leg on 13 October. and would add minutes against Torino on next Sunday.

We are clear that in the last game some will not play but they are physically fine and there will be others who will have to prove it. We have technological tools to measure how they are from the physical. We need players ready for the debut, so initially we will call the ones who are doing well, “said Scaloni.

“I’m worried about injuries personally because they gave us a lot throughout the course and due to physical or technical decisions they were excluded from the World Cup. This process is difficult, we have to think about the best for the whole group and it will be difficult decisions to assimilate “, complained the TD.

Scaloni, on the other hand, made it clear that he will do everything to ensure that it is not the last World Cup Leone Messidespite his 35 years, because he is “happy on the pitch”.

If we take care of him and take him right, there may be more matches for Leo, because the world of football asks and this is evident. So it’s up to us to take care of him, “she said.

With his eyes on the debut on Tuesday 22, at 7 in Argentina, against Saudi Arabia, he assured: “It is an exciting match, a different match for those who played the World Cup because the first match of a World Cup is that anteroom. A positive result generates a different attitude. We will work a lot on the emotional, on not thinking so much about the rival but thinking about ourselves. Knowing what we have to do “.

Argentina will also integrate the zone with Poland, which has Barcelona forward Robert Lewandoski, and Mexico, led by Argentine Gerardo Martino.

“The most important thing is that they enjoy playing in this shirt, we stressed a lot that the previous group was a success. Tomorrow nothing happens if you lose, life goes on. You can’t go out on the pitch thinking that if you lose everything is wrong. “, he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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