Agustín Rossi, “penalty striker”: what is said in Brazil about Flamengo’s interest in the Boca goalkeeper

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Agostino Rossi reappeared on the radar of the flamingo. The champion of America wants to groped the goalkeeper of Mouthwhich has not yet renewed the contract with Xeneize, with a millionaire sum impossible to pay in the country. His connection with the institution of La Ribera ends in the middle of next year and the idea of ​​the Brazilian club is that you arrive in freedom after that date.

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Formal negotiations between the 27-year-old goalkeeper’s representative and the Rio de Janeiro institution have not yet begun, but Brazilian media have already echoed the news. What do they think of the skills of the Boca goalkeeper in the neighboring country? Does the latest Copa Libertadores champion need another player in that position?

The Mengao will separate from goalkeeper Diego Alves. And the former Chacarita would come to compete for position with Santos. According to the Brazilian newspaper “or day“, Agustín Rossi “will sign a pre-agreement from January 1st” to get free of action in the middle of next year.

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Flamengo will not come into contact with the player before 2023. The “official search” will take place only in January, in order not to enter into legal conflict with Boca Juniors. FIFA regulations allow you to sign a pre-agreement from January 1st.

According to journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira, Flamengo could pay the amount of money that the Xeneize he would save until June on his salary to organize an “immediate exit”. If not, they will wait until “mid-year”.

How do you define it in Brazil? The Brazilian portals know that Agustín Rossi is an “old dream” of the Rio de Janeiro club. “Rossi has been on the pitch 150 times so far and He is one of the most loved players by the fansespecially after its recent passage, ”says the site Earth in its Portuguese version.

In the neighboring town they know of the affection that the Azzurri fan has for him. Whenever the voice of the stadium says his name, the fans break their hands in the stands of the Bombonera to applaud him. Undoubtedly, this affection was born from the good performance of the goalkeeper under the three poles of Boca.

In Brazil they call him a “penalty shot”, a penalty saver. And they are right, just review the numbers. Agustín Rossi has saved 11 of the 24 penalties he has been shot over the course of his career. That is, he contained or deflected nearly 50% of the hits of the twelve steps taken against him.. An astounding statistic.

Beyond his great performance in twelve-step strokes, the Brazilian media also stress the importance of the conflictual situation at the contractual level that Agustín Rossi maintains with the Xeneize.

The representative of the goalkeeper asked for 11 million dollars for 4 seasons and from the Boca board they categorically refused to face that salary, which is outside the margins of national football. The media crossing has complicated the negotiation. But a few days ago, after obtaining the Professional League, the Football Council improved the initial offer. So far there is no agreement.

The supportive media of Flamengo also point out that the intention of the Mengao is to reinstate Gerson. The 25-year-old midfielder, who won the Copa Libertadores 2019 with the Brazilian club, was sold to Olympique de Marseille last June for a sum close to 25 million euros. However, with the change of coach, he lost his place in the French club and could return to South America to win the shoot.

Agustín Rossi’s statistics on penalties

Defending the Boca shirt, saved 7 of the 15 penalties taken (47% effectiveness) in regular time.

In addition, Agustín Rossi expands in the definitions from the spot. Ever since he came back to Xeneizeafter the loan to Lanús, the 27-year-old goalkeeper was decisive in the two eliminations against River Plate (quarter-finals of the Maradona Cup 2020-21 and round of 16 of the Copa Argentina 2021).

He later reconfirmed his reputation as a “penalty goalkeeper”, as they call him in Brazil, when he deflected a Leandro Martín shot in front of the Foundation Council so that the Xeneize prevailed as the winner in the semifinals. Then, in the final against Talleres, he stopped Héctor Fértoli’s shot. Once again, the key to victory.

In this year’s Professional League Cup semi-final, he blocked Enzo Copetti’s fifth shot in a series that ended 6-5 for Boca. Once again decisive for Boca, who ended up being crowned champion against Tigre 3-0 in the final.

Source: Clarin

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