The 10K of San Isidro, the final touch for the excellent season of Argentine athletics

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Argentine athletics has had an excellent season, the best in recent years. And as a closure, the test is scheduled again San Isidro/Puma 10kwhich will include the Argentine Road Racing Championship, next Sunday November 27 starting at 8 am in its usual circuit, from Av. Unidad Nacional and Santa Fe. There will also be a complementary and participatory 5 km race.

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The protagonists of Argentine athletics in medium and long distance races will participate in this 10 km in San Isidro/Puma together with thousands of fans. it’s at be part of the South American circuit for the first timethe test will also see the participation of prominent guests from neighboring countries.

Among these numbers, the two women who have led the way in athletics in our country have already confirmed their participation, Florence Borrelli Y Diana Ocampo. And alongside them will be other long-distance runners on the rise like Micaela Levaggi (4th in the 5,000 meters of the Odesur Games and brand new winner of the Mar del Plata half marathon) and Antonella Guerrero.

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Borelli and Ocampo scored 1-2 for Argentina in this season’s international events: the Ibero-American half marathon in Alicante, the South American half marathon in Buenos Aires and the 10,000m dash in the Odesur in Asunción.

In all of this 2022, Borelli set the record of the Argentine marathon in Seville, the South American record of 3,000 meters on the track – being the first to run under 9 minutes – and the national record of 5,000 meters.

Ocampo, for his part, beat the national summit of the 10,000 meters on the plains. And in the 21k Buenos Aires/South American Championship, in addition to conquering the first places for this title, they also became the first women in the history of our region to break the hour and 10 minute barrier.

The middle distance runner from Entre Ríos Federico Bruno, who comes from a historic double all’Odesur (champion of 1,500 and 5,000), leads the lot of excellent athletes who will meet in the 10K. Bruno goes to look for his fourth consecutive victory in San Isidro, after a season that also saw his South American record over the 1,500 meters indoors and his great performance in the Buenos Aires half marathon with 1h02’10, the second absolute record for our country.

The Mendoza Ignatius Darlingrevelation of the same test with 1h02m12s, now he will also be in San Isidro together with the best Argentinian of the Buenos Aires marathon, Jose Felix Sanchez. And among the entertainers there is also the great Chubut marathon runner Eulalio Munozrepresentative of our country at the Sapporo 2021 Olympic Games and at the recent World Championships in Eugene.

The records of the San Isidro circuit were set last year by Bruno with 28m.58. in men and Borelli with 32m.38. in the ladies. The latter was also a national record (later surpassed in 2022 with 32m.29, just like Ocampo).

As for the Argentine record of the 10 km. On the road for men corresponds to Antonio Silio, who reached him three decades ago in Copenhagen with 27m.51.

With Puma as the main sponsor, the competition is presented by the Municipality together with Propuesta Mujer and the University of San Isidro. Also participating are Gatorade and Eco de los Andes (Hydration) and, together with them: Arcor, clarion, Emergencies, Euroswis, FotoRun, Granix, Mercantile Insurance Institute, Kynet, Toyota and Tropical. Organized by the Ñandú Association and the control corresponds to the Argentine Athletics Confederation.

The kits and numbers will be delivered between Thursday and Saturday at the Puma headquarters in Unicenter (from 12 to 20 on the first two days, and from 10 to 20 on Saturdays).

The municipality of San Isidro has developed numerous activities alluding to women’s rights, health and against gender-based violence: campaigns, conferences, debates, training and cultural forums. The motto of last year’s 10k was “We run for them” and had, as godmother and promoter, one of the most important athletes of our country, the judoka and Olympic champion Paola Pareto.

Last March the actions, promoted by the Directorate for Women and Gender Policies, and by the Tomá la voz youth network, were aimed at reflecting and raising awareness on women’s rights and gender equality. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, art exhibitions were held in the Town Hall and in the Deliberative Council, where different female artists expressed their point of view on the feminine facets.

A new red bench against feminicide has also been placed at the headquarters of the Scalabrini Ortiz University and music festivals have been held in the Arenaza Park together with the Chamber of Commerce and NGOs in the neighbourhood. Another of the festivals was held in Pacheco and by the river, Martínez, with music, poetry, painting and dance, as well as a fair for women entrepreneurs.

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Source: Clarin

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