Cordovan football continues to celebrate: Racing (C) promoted to the First National team

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Rac promotion in the first national team for the next season.

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The match was played at the La Pedrera stadium, in the city of Villa Mercedes in the province of San Luis, and after a balanced and changeable final, in the penalty shootout, the goalkeeper of Racing de Córdoba, Leonardo Rodríguez, contained the finished fourth shot off by Juan Manuel Elordi and gave the victory to the “Academy”.

Racing entered the field better prepared and had control of the ball and the first situations, especially the one at the feet of the attacker Rodrigo Acosta, who was unable to define only in front of goalkeeper Daniel Moyano, who prevented the opening of the scoring with a great reaction .

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After quite a bit of ‘Academia’ dominance, Villa Miter settled onto the field and also had clear action to score, but goalkeeper Leonardo Rodríguez covered it for Maximliano Tunessi, so it came to the end of the early stage match with a fun match and return.

The final part started differently, because in the draw Bahía Blanca’s “Tricolor” controlled the ball better and was about to score after an accurate header from Antú Hernández, which “Cali” Rodríguez brilliantly sent for a corner.

Racing momentarily equalized the match, but Villa Miter closed better and with control of the action, but without too many dangers, so we reached the end with a predictable draw and the definition on penalties.

In the shoot-out, ‘Cali’ Rodriguez became a hero by stopping Villa Mitre’s fourth shot, diving to the left post and deflecting Juan Manuel Elordi’s shot; while all of his teammates scored, to give Racing de Córdoba the win, the title and promotion.

In this way Racing, which had brilliantly won Zone B of Federal A, found itself with the long-awaited promotion that it had lost the previous year when it fell in the final against Deportivo Madryn de Chubut.

The old team from the Cordoba neighborhood of Nueva Italia, runners-up in the National First Division tournament in 1980, returns to the second tier of Argentine football after 17 years.

Racing de Córdoba, founded on December 14, 1924, was left with a well-deserved promotion to celebrate the more than 8,000 partials who came from the Mediterranean province to encourage them.

The rigor that defined the series

Champion celebrations

Source: Clarin

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