A federal banner to calm the anxiety of Argentina’s World Cup debut: research, the memory of Maradona and the illusion with Messi

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Argentinian handle at its best. between the memory of Diego Armando Maradona and respect for Lionel Messithe bearer of the illusion of this Selection, the Argentinian fans are dyed blue and white The waterfront of Doha, the place chosen to gather the main banner before the World Cup debut in Qatar against Saudi Arabiathis Tuesday at 7:00 (Argentina time) at the Lusail stadium.

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From characters like The Tula -with his inevitable clamor- even the tennis player Diego “Little” Schwartzmanthousands of stories collected in one place, among flags of different sizes, the characteristic sound of drums and a songbook that was repeated in loop despite the intense heat that invaded the city again this Monday, with about 30 degrees that the wind made bearable.

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Note: There was not a drop of alcohol, at least visibly, due to the restrictions that exist on Qatari soil. The more daring have even dared to drink mate from a thermos in hand, despite the high temperatures.

The place of the call through social networks and WhatsApp groups was one of the main tourist points of the city, facing the exclusive district of La Perla and where the countdown clock is located, already expired with the departure of Qatar-Ecuador on Sunday at Al Bayt stadium. Cordoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Buenos Airesamong other cities, they were well represented.

“You make me forget I don’t have a mango”said one of the biggest ‘rags’ that were tied to the local trees, graphic with the World Cup and the perfect faces of Maradona and Messi.

“Oh, this is for Diego, who is watching him from the sky”it was one of the most sung and repeated songs by the Argentinian fans, many of whom had arrived in Doha in the last few hours, even without tickets for the debut in the World Cupbut with a little luck.

This was the case with jeremiah Y Marcellusarrived alone from the capital Córdoba: “We have tickets for the debut with Saudi Arabia, we got them the day before yesterday through the FIFA page. They are category 1 at $220, which is the official price. Now we are looking Mexico”.

How it was a contrast Diegoa salteño that tickets offered for matches against Saudi Arabia and Poland because a friend finally couldn’t travel from Argentina. “There are eight of us and the one who couldn’t come is a doctor, he had to operate. We arrived four days ago and everything was beautiful,” said this fanatic who will stay until the end of the group stage in a dialogue with Clarin.

silver tricks

The inventiveness of the Argentines is always on the agenda. And if he doesn’t tell Mauro Acuna, who arrived in Qatar from the Caballito district of Buenos Aires to experience his third World Cup. He arrived at the flag with suitcase in hand, wearing a dress that simulated sitting on a camel and a sign hung around his neck: “One photo = five dollars/euro”.

“I already have 30 dollars”revealed this young man in a chat with clarion, although he clarified that the Argentines are not accused.

“It’s the most beautiful thing to be Argentinian. Here we are with the messian camel, wishing that Lio could lift the blessed one, I don’t even want to name him”said Mauro, who has the tickets to follow the hypothetical path towards the semi-finals.

There was also room for ball magic. Belu Godoynational freestyle champion, she was invited to demonstrate all her skills with one of the gigantic Qatar 2022 posters in the background, on a beautiful postcard.

“I’m 23 and started with this freestyle thing about five years ago. I graduated as a PE teacher, have been playing ball since I was six, played hook in gymnastics and shooting in Salta, with the ’10′”contacted.

I don’t have tickets yet, today I got in line at 6am, walked in and it said ‘sold out’. They’re asking a lot for resale, like $450. I’ll keep trying on the FIFA page, to see if I’m lucky.”to complete.

While many began to drain the place -which also remained active for more than four hours-, others invaded the boats moored on the coast to dance to the rhythm of Mona Jiménez. And yes, Argentina has already invaded Doha and the illusion is on the surface…

Doha, Qatar. Special envoys.

Source: Clarin

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