Scaloni has already defined the team for Argentina’s debut at the World Cup with no changes to the scheme: “It doesn’t come out of what we saw during the week”

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The coach of the Argentina national team, Lionel Scaloni, is not hiding anything. Or almost nothing. He likes being there, looking relaxed less than 24 hours before making his debut as head coach at a World Cup, beyond the responsibility of doing so at what will likely be the last for star Lionel Messi. Pujato’s confirmed that he has already informed the players of the starting team for the debut against this Tuesday Saudi Arabiabut declined to indicate whether it will be Alexis MacAllister or Alejandro Papu Gomez instead of Giovanni Lo Celso.

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“Play one of those two”he said, with a smile, during the usual press conference before each World Cup match, which was held in the main hall of the FIFA IBC. Another confirmation is that “there will be no change of scheme”, as hypothesized by virtue of the tests that took place in training at the University of Doha.

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Obtaining the Copa América 2021 and the Finalissima last June released the pressure from a group that had naturalized itself to compete in the biancoceleste shirt, bringing out the drama that was haunting the environment.

“The reality is that now the team comes out to play much calmer because there is no external pressure of not having won. I always tell them, and even before I win, that tomorrow the sun will rise again. It was the only way in which we could develop our football, has now been achieved. This is the key to playing a World Cup, going out free, beyond the nuances that each match has.”I consider.

On the expectation of the Albiceleste fans, he replied: “This should be a game and a sport, with all the passion of the Argentines, with all the desire for what we like about football. From there, I think people should know that we are a selection that will leave everything because it suits us, but without stopping to think about it, because then real life goes on”.


Source: Clarin

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