Scandal in Spain: Piqué and the president of the RFEF, targeted for alleged bribery to bring the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia

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Scandal in Spain: Piqué and the president of the RFEF, targeted for alleged bribery to bring the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué is far from any celebration. Photo: EFE/Ballesteros.

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The defender of Barcelona from Spain Gerard Piqué and the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesis under investigation on Monday after revealing audio compromises about the landing of Super Cup in Saudi Arabiawith a bribe.

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according to the newspaper The confidentialthe RFEF has negotiated with a commission of € 24 million with Kosmos, the Barcelona center-backed sporting events company, to move the tournament to Saudi Arabia for six seasons.

The journalistic portal shed light on documents and voice messages between Piqué and Rubiales in which it was reported that the Spanish federation will receive 40 million euros in each of the six editions organized in Saudi land from 2020. Meanwhile, the Kosmos will be the creditor of 4 million euros. for each season. Real Madrid (the champion), Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Valencia competed in the first edition.

“The comment was part of the Super Cup Files, an avalanche of unpublished files revealing, among other alleged scandals, that Piqué had a decisive role in the negotiations for the festival. of the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia and throughout that process enjoyed a privilege. Rubiales’ treatment for inexplicable reasons. A spokesman for Piqué in this newspaper denied that he received favorable treatment “said Monday of El Confidencial.

“Let’s see, Rubi, if it’s a matter of money, if they (Real Madrid) go for 8, hell, man, you pay eight in Madrid and eight in Barça … the rest pays 2 and 1 … “There are 19, and the Federation keeps six kilos, uncle. Before you hide nothing, you keep six kilos. And we pressure on Saudi Arabia and maybe we’ll get it out … we tell them that if not, Madrid won’t go. “. And we’ll get one or two more sticks”Piqué added, in one of the revealed audios.

Last Thursday, the RFEF denounced in a statement the victimization of “an organized criminal action aimed at the subsequent disclosure of secrets by distributing confidential documentation with clear false intent”. In this way, he announced that there was access to conversations via text and audio between Rubiales and the secretary general, Andreu Camps.

While Piqué and Kosmos went on without declaring about it, the RFEF told the Marca sports portal that the information “does not add anything new to what was published in 2019”, the year in which the operation numbers were shown .

With information from EFE

Source: Clarin

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