Mouth shut, Germany’s strong protest against FIFA over the “One Love” bracelet scandal.

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The Qatar World Cup 2022 It started with pure surprise: for the cumbersome results, the leading role of the VAR and the unexpected victories, but also for what happens off the pitch. When the Cup was announced in the lands of Qatar, it was immediately known that this edition would become one of the most controversial. And one of the last had to do with FIFA’s ban on wearing bracelets in support of the persecuted LGBTIQ+ community in that country.

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Months ago, the federations of the UEFA countries classified for the World Cup held a meeting in which they sought a way to express themselves in favor of the protection of human rights in Qatar.

Finally, they decided that the most appropriate thing was for the captain of each team to wear a bracelet with the words ‘One Love’, accompanied by a multicolored heart emulating the LGBT flag. FIFA, far from ruling against it, has not even responded to the request.

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And finally the World Cup has arrived, and controversy also appeared with the beginning of the top event. At the last breath, the fifa was released regarding the use of the bracelet, clarifying that its use would be strictly prohibited.

Manuel Neuer He warned he would not bow to pressure and said he would challenge the highest regulatory body. The Germany captain is a recognized human rights activist and, in the face of this World Cup, the position of the German federation was non-negotiable. In view of the match against Japan, it was even speculated that Bayern Munich’s number 1 would wear the ‘One Love’ bracelet, facing the financial and sporting sanctions that this would entail.

The goalkeeper himself clarified his position at the press conference: “Personally I would be willing to pay a fine. This is not a political statement, but one in favor of human rights”. The problem is that apart from the fine, Neuer could be exposed to a yellow card.

Stefan Simon, spokesman for the German federation, confirmed the opening of legal actions against FIFA, and in dialogue with the newspaper Blind recognized: “We want to clarify whether your procedure is really legitimate”.

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf took it upon himself to support the position, saying: “FIFA works with intimidation and pressure. It’s incredibly difficult to tell players that we will accept penalties when we don’t even know what they are. We oppose FIFA. We have to consider what conclusions we draw from this intolerable situation during a tournament. We do not receive any specific information from FIFA, which is part of their agenda.”

This Wednesday, Germany took to the pitch and all eyes fell on Neuer, who finally didn’t wear the controversial bracelet, even if at one point in the match he exchanged a few words with one of the referees who seemed to point out that part of his clothing.

Obviously the Teutonic group posed for photos with a gesture that seems to be a clear message in the face of all the controversy that has arisen around the topic. Their mouths were covered. Then the ball rolled and there was another story.


Source: Clarin

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