The great Maradona-style goal that a boy from Santa Fe scored for Emiliano Sala’s club and which will go around the world

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It was a play by Maradona, a cosmic kite attack in Santa Fe. The context, the seventh division final between San Martino di Progressothe club in which he emerged Emiliano Salaand Sarmiento de Humboldt. The game was tied at one goal, but 16′ after the second half, after a goal clearance, the ball reached the feet of Gaspare Biasin to start a distribution and define the match.

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In just 15 seconds, Biasín raced across the center of the pitch, dribbled past six rivals – he left three on the ground – entered the box, beat a seventh marker with speed and finished the cross before the keeper was gone. Great goal, which also overturned the score in favor of his team, which ended up being champions.

What planet are you from, Biasín? He was born in the municipality of Llambí Campbell, in Santa Fe, of which he is a fan River and already has an epic goal that travels the world. He plays for San Martín de El Progreso, the same club where Emiliano Sala trained.

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Although the institution is called Club Atlético y Social San Martín, it is known as San Martín de Progreso, a short name associated with its geolocation: it is the only club in that city of Santa Fe that belongs to the department of Tres Colonias, located 75 kilometers from the provincial capital.

It wears the colors of red and black, inspired by Newell’s, even if in 1917 when it was founded, there were other colors, until in 1922 the chromatic scale that accompanies it to the present day was defined.

Its most outstanding player was Emiliano Sala who worked at the club from the age of three to 15. Then he went to a selection of the Proyecto Crecer Argentina Training Center, in San Francisco, Córdoba, which was behind Girondins de Bordeaux.

Source: Clarin

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