Falcioni’s list: how to recover players after the defeat and what to expect from Martino’s Mexico

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The match against Saudi Arabia was a misstep, a fall that was not in the plans. But it should be understood that these are problems that can occur in a World Cup. It has already happened in other tournaments. So, the main thing is to change the story.

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How to behave in case of defeat

They ask me how to get out of a tough defeat and I answer that every coach has his own recipe. We’ve all had to deal with moments like this. What must be done, as a first measure, is to allow everyone the time, a few hours or even a day, to make their own assessment. Subsequently, and I write on the basis of my personal experiences, I find myself with the players who were at the match. I talk about what was done well and what was not. I also listen. And I tell them they will go to court again. I give him his rematch, as long as everyone is physically well.

The other alternative is to reach out and change a couple of players or the tactical scheme. I’ve done it on occasion too, though I commonly ratify which team fell. Scaloni will evaluate the physical and mental, and I have no doubts that he will make the best decision to reinvigorate the team that has given us so many joys.

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News Messi

Against Saudi Arabia, Messi did not get much participation in the match due to exhaustion of rivals, as he could not find a place to receive the ball. The pressure from the Arabs made the player rush with the ball and the passes were not clear, correct. And a wrong passage does not favor subsequent checks. Furthermore, I have not seen Messi start with speed and with the ball dominated, as is characteristic of him. In the same way, I included Leo in what was the general functioning of the team, which did not find paths between the lines or openings with full-backs or wingers.

Fear of failing

There is no fear of failure, it doesn’t exist. Yes, there may be frustration that you haven’t achieved your goal. What happened on the first date can serve as an incentive to deal with what’s to come. We know that in football only one wins and that everyone tries to function. Whoever makes the least mistakes, who has the most balance wins. Failure does not exist.

Mexico, the next rival

Martino’s teams have generally played in a 4-3-3 formation, but I don’t think he will play that way against Argentina. I have seen passes from the match against Poland and the cut and quick exit of the Poles complicated them.

Mexico likes to play from behind, have the ball and control the pace. That’s why you have to push them up and I think Argentina has the dynamics to cause a mistake or catch up high in someone else’s field. If we let them play, they are good. On the sides they are fast and there they could complicate us.

Tata played against Poland with a 4-3-3 that was 4-5-1 in many passes. The other alternative for the duel against Argentina is to incorporate a central scorer. Mexican teams are used to playing three in the background, for example with Ricardo La Volpe. They must have trained him. and it might come as a surprise. With this system I would try to press with the full-backs-midfielders and also to open up the spaces. All of these are just guesses because we don’t know how the players are doing or what the coaches are thinking.

Source: Clarin

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