From Qatar, Marley enjoys the World Cup with his team of numbers and tells how he experienced the defeat against Argentina

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The Copa América won by the Argentina national team in 2021 has renewed hope, and this is reflected in the more than 30,000 Argentines who have arrived in Qatar to encourage those led by Lionel Scaloni. But Messi and company started off on the wrong foot when they lost to Saudi Arabia and will be playing a lot against Mexico this Saturday.

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The Lusail Stadium will be full of Argentines, and how could it be otherwise, will also have the presence of various celebrities in the stands.

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One of those who is already in Doha is Marley, host of the ‘Por el Mundo’ cycle, broadcast by the Telefe signal. The Vicente López native is responsible for the World Cup version of this travel classic, and he already had the opportunity to watch Argentina’s debut last Tuesday in the company of his son Mirko.

Now, ahead of the duel against Mexico, he is unbeaten clarionHe told how he is experiencing his stay in Doha, and left his football sensations.

“I’m enjoying it a lot, although obviously disappointed with what happened in the first game. I always have a lot of fun thanks to all the Argentinian energy and joy, that way of uniting that doesn’t happen during the rest of the year. The truth is that this is a good time to feel united as a country. Football unites,” said the host, who has already visited more than 50 countries and is currently running the second edition of ‘Around the World World’. His first experience leading this cycle was at the 2018 World Cup in Russia .

Regarding what the key game against Mexico will look like, Marley added: “I think we won, we must always think positive. Now we have to win or win ah. Now every match is a final, we have to move forward with everything and I am confident that will happen. I also think that this first bad news (due to the defeat against Saudi Arabia) will also have recharged them with energy, to face this match with more strength”.

I didn’t know Doha yet. Many fears have been sold, I arrived in Qatar with a lot of fear. And the truth is that it was very easy, we entered very easily. The people are very friendly, they invite us to their place and make sure we are having a good time. I haven’t seen any major problems. The city, especially at night, seems beautiful to me. They also invited us to parties, then I would miss some alcohol, nothing more, but we are having a lot of fun.”

Finally, Marley delved into one of Qatar’s big bets for this World Cup: the highways. Traffic jams and lack of connectivity have been two of Doha’s big debts in this first week of the World Cup, and the driver clarified amidst laughter: “I’m handling the highway issue well, we have someone who is taking everything from us. I’m good to drive the same way, I’m very stupid about many things but I’m good at driving, ah”.

How Marley’s team is formed

Marley goes out again to tour the world. The conductor premiered the World Cup version of his usual ‘Around the world’ cycle, taking the name ‘Around the World World’. The first program was broadcast from Madrid, with two special guests: the pastry chef Damián Betular and the actor Humberto Tortonese, two of his great friends. As has happened in other seasons, each Sunday’s expedition will always be live.

Telefe heralds the cycle as a different look at everything that happens during the world championship, with what happens before and after each match, with all the color and warmth of the Argentine fans.

For the upcoming trips of this new season of “Around the World World”, we will add several guests who have already taken other trips with Marley, among them, Lali Esposito, Catherine Fulop and Vicky Xipolitakisso far confirmed.

Doha. Qatar. Special Envoys.

Source: Clarin

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