The five keys of the first half in the lackluster goalless draw between Argentina and Mexico

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The team led by Lionel Scaloni is trying to leave behind the blow that meant the defeat on their debut against Saudi Arabia to boost their chances of progressing to the round of 16.

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Five keys to goalless draw in lackluster first half between Argentina and Mexico for the second round of group C:

– Mexico has left determined to urge Argentina to leaveforcing defenders to add passes between them without finding space to give the ball to the midfielders.

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Messi retreats to the center of the field able to receive because Mexican pressure prevented the Argentine defense from finding clean passes through Guido Rodríguez and Rodrigo De Paul.

– De Paul, weak on his debut against Saudi Arabia, was inaccurate with the ball. Its low level in the first part It is one of the keys that explain the Argentine’s difficulties in imposing conditions on ball possession.

– In the last minutes of the first half the Argentinian midfielders managed to string passes into the rival field and although the team failed to endanger Ochoa, they stopped being scared in outings that were repeated with passes between the defenders.

– The team played awkwardly, imprecisely and could not worry Mexico at any time. Not even the Aztec team.

Before the match between Argentina and Mexico, the Polish national team beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 to lead the positions in Group C.

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Source: Clarin

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