Stripped down and in leather: the incredible image of Tinelli in Qatar after Argentina’s victory over Mexico

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Marcello Tinelli It’s inside Qatar enjoying the experience of living a world along with his family and friends. Well, “enjoy” is a figure of speech. Like all Argentines, the TV presenter suffered the match of Selection in view of Mexico. And that the stumbling block in the debut match against Saudi Arabia was a blow that put a strain on the second duel of the tournament. And so he lived not only on the pitch but also in the stands.

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If Scaloni’s team had a flat first half, with few offensive plays and many inaccuracies, that atmosphere moved to the stands, where nervousness and fear of an early elimination seemed marked on everyone’s faces.

Until Messi appeared, and everyone (in Argentina and Lusail) breathed a sigh of relief. The image of the party is that of the celebration of the 10th, which appeared when it was most needed. But it is also that of Tinelli, who represents like no other how much this victory was celebrated in the group stage and against an always beaten rival.

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Marcelo ended up in leather, standing on the seat, jersey in hand and arms raised, as if he were some kind of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a goal. At 62, the former vice president of San Lorenzo pulled out his bust and all his tattoos in front of a crowded audience of compatriots who immediately identified him.

Family trip

Marcelo has been in Doha for almost a week. He arrived in the Middle East with his youngest son, Lolo, who is having an unforgettable experience hand in hand with his father, touring stadiums, watching matches and discovering an amazing culture and cinematic locations.

In his travels he ran into David Beckham, had problems in the apartment complex where he is staying, but also found time to visit exclusive restaurants, luxury shopping malls and be amazed by the latest car models, a trend in these places with a very high economic level.

The next appointment on Marcelo’s agenda will be Wednesday 30, when the national team will take the field again to face Poland and ensure their presence in the round of 16. Tinelli will be there, certainly with the same passion as this Saturday but hoping that the game will go more peacefully. This is the wish of Cabezón and of all Argentines.

Photos from Marcelo’s trip

Source: Clarin

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