Ciro y Los Persas revolutionizes Doha: what time and how to see the concert of the Argentine band at the World Cup in Qatar

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Ciro y Los Persas is the band in charge of animating all the fans who follow the Argentine national team at the World Cup in Qatar this Sunday, ecstatic for the victory over Mexico in the second round of group C. The show, for around 5,000 people, takes place in the La Perla, one of the most exclusive in Doha, and is part of the so-called “Argentine Party in Qatar”.

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The event can be seen live on Argentine public TV, while the band led by Andrés ‘Ciro’ Martínez promised “a special concert for the Argentine public and the whole world during the World Cup”.

The Argentinian Party in Qatar takes place on a stage located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, near the exclusive La Perla area of ​​Doha.

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The venue, with a capacity of around 5,000, was built in 2008 according to the concept of a classical Greek theater but with traditional Islamic features.

The organizers of the artistic event of the Fiesta Argentina in Qatar have reported that part of the proceeds – entrance fee 35 euros – will be donated to the Open Arms humanitarian organization, dedicated to “protecting the lives of the most vulnerable in emergency situations at sea and on land”. .

The recital of Ciro y Los Persas will be repeated starting at 19:30 on public TV.

Source: Clarin

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