Yanina Latorre’s World Cup: sex in concentration, the precedent in Poland and a kiss against Canelo

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What happiness, we won a great match against Mexico, with a lot of emotional charge. I spent the 90 minutes without sitting down, walking from one side of my room to the other, literally. With the bottle of water in one hand and the mate in the other. I was about to have a snack and uncork some wine but at that hour and with so many nerves I ended up farting and singing like a mariachi.

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Is that if we lost we stayed out. And the game was like this, all frozen, until staircases He said something at halftime and the players came out several times. the goal of Messi it was wonderful. For a moment I was shocked because I was expecting the damn thing LAUNCH appeared to clear it but what appeared was Marley with his son on horseback. Subsequently I was fascinated by the objective of Enzo Fernández: that boy is all that is good in the world. Eventually they broke it.

And I love Scaloni more every day, I love the things he says, that we don’t dramatize football so much. Argentines, it’s as if we have a mandate to do it always win And it’s not like that. Let’s have fun, we’re on our way, now it’s coming Poland It won’t be easy but I’m sure we’ll give everything to win and qualify first in the group.

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did you see her vats in court? It’s good that you went to Qatar, it was a very good decision. All the turnips who when we lost against Saudi Arabia treated her like a mufa and criticized her, starting with Nik, ask her not to leave anymore. Can they be that basic? However, on Sunday the relatives went to see the players and Tini was there too Rodrigo De Paul. Some couples of soccer players told me that she was a bit out of touch, because she’s very shy, but that was the sensation of the afternoon because all the kids were queuing up to take pictures with her.

Poor things, since they won, they were able to post photos on social networks. You can’t live like this, they are footballers, not soldiers. Diego, my husband, the second person who knows the most about home football, is in Qatar and he told me Lewandowski He missed a penalty and that same evening he went out to dinner with the woman in a restaurant in Doha. He imagines if Messi missed a penalty and went out to eat with Antonela. They lynch him! It shouldn’t be happening.

Another thing “Latower” told me is that in South Africa 2010 the Dutch got together with the women, in the same hotel. How brilliant, the guy is happy, enjoying the World Cup with his family, sleeping with his wife, having sex… Yes, sex. I know what they will tell me, that sex “gets the legs”, who made us believe that stupidity?

You, reader or reader, when you finish having sex, are you not calmer or calmer? Sex is a pleasure, a joy. I’m talking about sex, don’t go out to hit it and hit it and hit it until you can’t take it anymore with your soul. The players are professionals, and those who go to the World Cup are much more. What physically complicates you is not sex but parties: sleeping badly, sucking too much, eating too much, partying. If you’re in a hotel with your wife and you’ve had your 15 minutes of intimacy (for some that’s enough and a lot, let’s face it) you have a great time, your mind clears and you behave much better. Please, I’m sick of prejudice.

Another topic, Aimar hyperventilating, I’m going crazy, Pablito we are all. Poor boy, draw a graph of what is happening to us Argentines. The crying, the anguish, the pain, until Messi scored the goal and released everything he had inside. I am very sorry. These guys are having an incredible experience but deep down they are having a hard time because they know the next day you are either the best of all or they will ruin your family and treat you like a serial killer. There is no middle ground. Wouldn’t it be better if we were dealing with the people who really hurt us and not the footballers or coaches?

Finally, a separate chapter for Canelo Alvarez. I won’t criticize him as an athlete because he is a great boxer. But is there any need to put together such a mess? The boy has uploaded a video that has nothing to do with it, he made believe that Messi is trampling on the Mexico shirt, he threatens him on Twitter. Whether a fan, a journalist or an asshole says it, you come and go (there are many who are all three). But for an athlete like Canelo to say that seems horrible to me. He is a bad partner, resentful; he should know that something similar could happen to him and it’s not good to be exposed in that way, so unfair. Canelo, my love, you lost… We look forward to seeing you at the next World Cup and sending you a kiss.

Source: Clarin

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