Ángel Di María’s post before facing Poland: “Together we are stronger”

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The victory of Argentina national team on Mexico 2-0, with goals of Lionel Messi Y Enzo Fernándezbrought serenity back to Lionel Scaloni’s team after the initial setback against Saudi Arabia.

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At the moment all the cannons point to the match against Polandleaders of Group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, this Wednesday from 16:00 to 16:00. at 974 Ras Abu Aboud stadium. You need to win against the Europeans to qualify for the round of 16 and finish as a punt in the group, although other results are to be expected for the latter scenario as well.

At the moment, footballers have taken the opportunity to be with their families to relax mentally and recover, but there have also been those who have used social networks to leave messages of encouragement.

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In this case, angel of mary he was optimistic and asked the audience to support the team more than ever in the prelude to a decisive match.

together we are stronger“, wrote the spaghetti after sharing an image with the thousands of blue and white fans who were present at the Lusail stadium to support the Argentina national team in the last match.

The support of the fans was noticed in some passages of the match. Those stands, the same ones that roared after Messi’s goal, after the pass spaghetti, 19 minutes into the plug-in, will be decisive for the match against Poland. Y little angel he knows.

Rosario’s man, protagonist of the final against Brazil at the Maracanà, could be a starter in the match against the Poles.

In these hours Scaloni is still putting together the chessboard to face a tough team from a physical point of view – also very high – and technically from an individual point of view. Every detail will be decisive.

Di María could start on the right wing. We would have to wait for confirmation from Pujato’s coach, even if sending him to the bank would be a kick on the board. The truth is the encouragement of those who are off the field is essential for those who are on.

Scaloni’s doubts about facing Poland

In the press conference this Tuesday, Scaloni warned that after the 2-0 win against Mexico, energy is renewed in the Selection of Lionel Messi and company.

“We said it was a difficult group and that hasn’t changed. We took into account that this could happen (reaching the last date without a guaranteed ranking). Most of the teams still don’t have a pass to the eighth. We come with an important injection of humor and this will help us. We have in our favor that we depend on us”recognized the DT before consulting the art clarion.

The coach, as in the previous match against the Mexicans, did not give the starting lineup. “We will start in the way we played and in the course of the game we will see what decisions we will make. Not only does it have a top game (Poland), it also has a fast game, we’ll be careful about that. But we will start the same way,” he said.

Going name by name, there are certainties that are obtained from simple conclusions. The doubt in defense has been dispelled. Confirming that they will continue with four behind and also intervening in the conference Lisandro Martínezthis means Christian Romero will be back in the bank.

So the only unknown comes down to midfield. There, the offer is between Enzo Fernández Y Guido Rodríguez. And the technician talked about the two of them.

“He has the option to play, like the others. Or to enter, as he has already done, is an option. I still think that the player should be prepared for both, and sometimes you can be even more important by entering the game into We haven’t defined it yet,” Fernández said about the possibilities.

De Rodriguez explained: “Guido’s presence will depend on what we think Poland will do. It’s the option that allows us not to play with a line of five, but to look like we do. It can be an option like in the previous game. With Guido we looked for something that worked for us because they (for Mexico) made a five-man line up and we had to deal with the full-backs.”

And do you think Poland will play the same way? “Poland has a good idea of ​​the game and can change in the match with the same eleven players. They can play in 4 or 5. In front of Argentina it almost always happened that the opponent played the previous match in a different way”. We hope something like this. They will adapt to our game, that doesn’t mean they won’t attack us. We have a fixed idea of ​​the game and everyone adapts to it.”

In the last round of the group stage and with an eye to what could happen, Scaloni did not want to look further when asked if he would prefer to avoid France in the round of 16: “There hasn’t yet been one team superior to the others. Spain seemed to be superior in the first leg, but it was also with Germany. You have to wait for the missing intersections and there it will be seen, surely it will be defined by the details. The champion always needs a little luck. First you have to go through the stage and then we will see what we get. We are not in a position to say which team we prefer.”

For the DT born in Pujato “The most important match is always the one we’re about to play. This is my philosophy. What happened, happened and a clean slate. If we go to the round of 16, the next one will be the most important.”

And so it will be. Scaloneta’s third game is once again crucial to stay alive in Qatar 2022. Lionel Scaloni, although hiding some chips, has everything ready to take the next big step.


Source: Clarin

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