Agüero’s live reaction to Balanta’s death: “That’s why they forbid me to play”

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The atmosphere of the World Cup on the eve of the duel between Argentina and Poland was drastically interrupted by the tragic death of Andrés Balanta, the Atlético Tucumán footballer, who suffered a cardiac arrest on his return to train with the Dean. Kun Agüero, who was broadcasting, He heard the news live and couldn’t help but recall his case and the arrhythmia that landed him in court in October last year.

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“Don’t make fun of me. Now? But what? See… what the fuck”, was the first reaction of Agüero, accompanied by journalists Martín Souto and Morena Beltrán, when users warned him of the situation. And he reflected: “I clearly remember the doctor telling me ‘it can happen to you too’. That’s why I’m banned from playingfrom what I had, I don’t know what happened to controls that weren’t detected…it’s very difficult.”

Totally shocked by the news, Agüero continued: “He told me ‘you were lucky, because if I passed out it would have been worse because there we have to give you a resuscitation and based on that you will have a hangover’. We are all controlled. Hopefully tomorrow, I don’t know when it will be, for me it will take years and years, they can find something to verify it because the doctors can’t find it for you.”

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Furthermore, she said that in her particular case “I felt that someone was holding me with both hands, as if they were squeezing me tightly. I started to despair and that’s when the attack, the arrhythmia took over me. I feel that something is lowering me and it was the blood that, not pumping well, had risen. In this way the pressure drowns you and makes you pass out.

El Kun also referred to the case of Christian Eriksen, who suffered a heart attack at the last European Championship but managed to recover and is currently playing the World Cup with Denmark. “Clearly that’s what happened to Eriksen, who passes out and stops and they revive him. What happened to me is that I was about to pass out. But I didn’t notice it, I saw everything as blue rays and said ‘I’m going to pass out’”.

Finally, Agüero expressed his condolences and his support for the family of the Colombian Balanta, who was just 22 years old: “You have to send a hug to the family and to all the Atlético fans. What the fuck.”

What happened to Balanta?

The 22-year-old player had participated in the first day of the preseason with Dean’s team under the command of Lucas Pusineri with total normality. “After the snack I was in the activation part, he collapsed, they did reactivation maneuvers, took him to the hospital, he developed an arrhythmia and went into cardiac arrest“, She said Ole Dr. Gustavo Portela, team doctor of Deportivo Cali, after communicating with his colleagues from Atlético Tucumán.

Deportivo Cali was the owner of the transfer of Balanta, who was on loan with an option to Atlético Tucumán. That’s why Portela asked for information. “They are about to do the autopsy and we will know. For now we cannot say what happened. There may be cardiological or neurological causes,” added Portela.

As reported by the local press, about ten minutes passed in the transfer from the camp, located at 25 de Mayo e Chile, to the hospital, which is a few blocks away, where the episode took place. It took about 40 minutes to try and resuscitate.

Gabriel Alperovich, vice president of Atlético Tucumán, spoke to the local press: “We are all very sick, a moment that is not very credible, I haven’t crashed yet. He passed out, they were resuscitating him, but he died. What happened is terrible, I can’t believe it.”

Balanta had arrived at the club in June this year at the request of Lucas Pusineri, who had managed him at Deportivo Cali. “We have always had a professional relationship. I am very grateful to him, because in my beginnings he gave me a hand and I obtained continuity,” said Balanta, a native of Cali at the time.

Source: Clarin

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