Lionel Messi’s game: from anger over missed penalty to joy at qualifying and another record

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Far from burying his head in the ground, the captain looked ahead and continued. He took a deep gulp of anger Lionel Messi when the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny He saved very well with a change of hands the penalty with which the national team would have started with victory from the first half. But, far from mentally getting off and leaving the game, 10 kept up the pace and was the man of the match at 974 Stadium, where the national team won 2-0 and qualified for the round of 16. For Leo it also meant breaking a new record.

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By the time of the initial whistle, Messi had already passed a certain Diego Armando Maradona as the Argentinian and South American player with the most games played at the World Cup, with 22. “I just found out, I didn’t know. It’s a joy to be able to continue to achieve these kinds of marks, records. What do I have to know… I think even Diego would be very happy for me, he always showed me a lot of affection and was always happy for all the good things that happened to me” said the best player in the world clarionalready with normalized pulsations in the mixed zone.

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It was a unique day for the Rosary. Beyond this new sign that, as you can see in his eyes and in his smile, he proudly wears, that 12-step shot that saw the goalkeeper’s right glove go off was for a moment a hard blow. But not knockouts.

Leo got up quickly. After complaining, it activated. The people from the stands automatically applauded him to give him encouragement. And the 10 did not disappoint. And he also explained that this situation was ultimately beneficial. How?

“I felt a lot of anger for missing the penalty because I know that a goal changes the whole game and makes you play differently. But for the penalty I missed the team came out stronger. People put me on the bench”, He accompanied me. There is a lot of happiness for reaching the first goal after how we started,” she said.

Messi wanted to achieve the first goal: to get through the group stage. The start with an unexpected defeat confused the plans. However, the American champion reappeared in Doha just in time. “We all played a great match, a great game. After the first goal, it was all ours. We are back to being who we have been for a long time. It was what we were looking for from the beginning of the World Cup and due to different situations we were unable to to reach it, this gives confidence for what will come”, analyzed the bearer of the albiceleste ribbon.

The appearances of Enzo Fernández and Julián Alvarez revitalized the team. For Messi, it’s all part of a collective effort that pays off: “We have a spectacular group and whoever plays, who comes in, pays. This is extremely important because in such a short competition with such consecutive matches it is good that we are all on the same page. in this way. It doesn’t matter who plays, the group is the most important thing. It matters that when it’s your turn you can perform like them today”.

Australia arrives, second in Group D, behind France. A priori, an accessible rival in the knockout stage. Obviously the Flea He asks for prudence, especially with the fresh memory of Arabia: “We have seen all the World Cup matches and some even came from Australia. We know that everything is very difficult today because whatever the opponent is, it is difficult. Anyone can equal you and winning We have experienced it firsthand, tomorrow (for this Thursday) we will start preparing for the match”.

The national team will have just two training sessions and will have to return to play. “The truth is, everything is too thick. But hey, it’s the same for everyone. They (for Australia) played a couple of hours before us. Today (for this Wednesday) was the hottest day in the We’ve played three matches. It was very humid, we made an extra effort, but we’ll try to rest and move forward” commented Messi.

On another night to remember, the Argentinian star once again raised the team flag with football, passing, partnerships and auctions. He missed the goal, it’s true, but that doesn’t take away his smile knowing he’s among the 16 still alive at Qatar 2022.

Messi vs Lewandowski: what the 10 said

A separate duel took place between the captains of both teams. A game that only they have played. The story is not new. It comes from the previous edition of the Ballon d’Or won by Lionel Messi. Some unfortunate statements by Robert Lewandowski did not go along with the Argentine. And from there the relationship seems to have been strained.

There was a unique moment during the match at Estadio 974. In the initial draw there was a normal salute. There was nothing to indicate that there were sparks. But already in the second half, with the Argentinian leading the scoresheet, Leo dominated a ball in midfield, tried to dribble past the Pole and fouled him.

Messi stops visibly annoyed, Lewandowski tries to shake his hand apologizing, but the Albiceleste captain doesn’t even look at him. After the match, the striker currently at Barcelona went to greet him at Paris Saint-Germain, they said something in their ears and covered their mouths.

What things were whispered in the ear? Could it be invoice steps? “Nothing happens, nothing. He doesn’t speak Spanish and I was taught that everything that is said on the pitch stays on the pitch and in the dressing room,” La Pulga simply replied. Poland’s, meanwhile, did not want to talk about it.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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