Julián Álvarez, goal, sacrifice and sense of opportunity: Calchín’s Spider is already Qatar’s Spider

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Giuliano Alvarez seems to be one of those players touched by the magic wand. No one questions his abilities, which are enormous by the way. However, his greatest virtue is a sense of expediency. This is why it seems that he entered to never leave the team again, at least in this one world. Yes, the man born in Calchín jumps onto the pitch like a real man optimistic goal.

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Two started in Qatar. And two very important goals because against Poland served to gain peace of mind in the damp 974. And why against Australia, at the gates of the desert, it seemed that he would achieve the same result. But in the end his stinging touch, entered the goal in slow motion, already unguarded by Mat Ryan thanks to Rottweiler-like pressure from Rodrigo De Paul, became the goal difference that translated into qualification for the quarter-finals. Nothing more, nothing less. Impossible to be more timely.

“We did what we had to do, our game. We suffered a bit, but the important thing was to win and we did it,” highlighted the Milan goalscorer Manchester City. And he continued: “I feel enormous joy for the group and for all Argentines”.

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Although Julián had long since earned a place in the national team stable – he was part of the team that won the Copa América and the Finalissima – it seemed difficult for Julián to rush from one scene to another. Lautaro Martinezone of La Scaloneta’s franchise players and second top scorer of this era behind Lionel Messi.

But, with a Lautaro who doesn’t seem to be one hundred percent, Araña received the definitive trust from Scaloni, the one that has been giving him little by little since his debut, on June 3, 2021, in Santiago del Estero, in a duel against Chile (1-1) also for i playoffs. The DT took it little by little. Very similar to the maturation process that took place in River under the tutelage of Marcellus Gallardo.

It’s the one before we get to Qatar He already had 12 games, almost all of them from the bench, and had scored three goals – one for the qualifiers against Ecuador and the other two in the friendlies against Jamaica and the United Arab Emirates.

Álvarez has lethal scoring numbers: 54 goals in 122 games at River; 7 celebrations in 20 duels at Manchester City; and 5 shouts in 16 appearances for the national team.

Here, it was supposed to be a spare part in the first two engagements. In just a few minutes, it was enough to prove that he was ready for a promotion. And the coaching staff understood it like this. He started against Poland and didn’t fail. He restarted on Saturday night against Australia and billed again. Two goals at the World Cup at 22! How are you!

“I always try to press high and this time we went with Rodrigo and we managed to get him out of the goalkeeper,” said Álvarez. And he said: “The Argentinian fans can be heard, you can see them in the stadiums, always a majority, it’s very important for us”.

Nothing seems impossible for this kid who dazzled at the River and who is now surprising at Guardiola’s Manchester City. The Spider of Calchin is already the Spider of Qatar.

Al Rayyan, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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