Madness in Bangladesh for Argentina in the preview of the match against the Netherlands: murals, flags and giant screens

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Expectations in Bangladesh to attend this Friday’s football match between the Argentine national team and the Netherlands, for the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, “are almost the same” as those of the Argentines themselves.

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At least that’s what Danilo Lande said, an Argentinian who created a Facebook group to support the Bangladesh cricket team (his number one sport), which already has 145,000 members. The reason? One way to compensate for the massive celebrations that took place in Bangladesh for the victories of the Albiceleste at the World Cup.

“I have more than a thousand message requests from Bangladesh and those in the group start receiving messages and everyone wants to talk and everyone wants to chat and thank for this exchange,” the founder commented in dialogue with the news agency. telam.

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Immediately afterwards, he told how life is lived in that Asian country before the match between the national team and the Netherlands. According to what you said, at the University of Dhaka, the main one of that nation, “The entire facility is color coded blue and white and there are giant screens set up for watching the match, with murals featuring team figures. People are waiting for the match as much as they are here.”

The reason why Bangladesh supports Argentina so much has a first and last name: Diego Armando Maradona. Is that the resentment of the people of Bangladesh against England began to grow from 1942, when the United Kingdom cut off its supplies, in the belief that the Bangladeshis could eventually collaborate with Japan in the battle of Singapore. That blockade caused the “Bengal famine” of 1943.

Forty-six years after that conflict, Bangladesh would get a wink: it was in the World Cup in Mexico 1986, by the hand of a certain Diego Armando Maradona. In the midst of a more than loaded context, the albiceleste star put the national team on his shoulders and eliminated England with two goals that would go down in history, in the quarter-finals: the best goal ever and the iconic ‘ Hand of God’.

The Bangladesh team never had a chance to qualify for a World Cup but that afternoon, the Bangladeshis they found an idol in Maradona and in Argentina, a second homeland.

Round trip between Argentinians and Bengalis on Facebook

The group of Argentines who support the Bangladesh cricket team had an echo in the Asian country and thousands of members also began to interact from there. They also take advantage of it share images of their culture, gastronomy and customs.

Gul Ahmed Talukdar Rubel, a member of the group ‘Argentine Fans of the Bangladesh Cricket Team’ posted a photo and commented: ‘The person in this photo is my uncle. He is a huge fan of Messi and Argentina as you can see his house colored with the Argentine flag”.

Alejandra, from Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos, wrote: “Hello beautiful people of Bangladesh, can someone write my name with the alphabet you use? Those characters are beautiful, can you tell me the story and the evolution of your writing?”

For his part, Maximiliano posted a photo of the Bangladesh flag tattoo on his arm and wrote that “what is promised is debt.” “Now I have them under my skin. Love is paid with love. Greetings from Rosario, the city of Messi, Argentina,” he wrote.

One of the Bangladeshis who joined is Khandkar Mehdi Tushar, a 22-year-old college student from Dhaka, who said, “I heard about the opening of the online group and joined. We are two different countries but with the same soul. We are brothers and sisters, I would like to see relations between Bangladesh and Argentina develop”.

With information from Telam.

Source: Clarin

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