Argentina’s 1×1 against the Netherlands: Messi put together another recital, but needed the showtime of a Dibu Martínez in World mode

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If you don’t suffer, it doesn’t apply to the Argentina national team. After leading by two goals, they equalized on the hour (the referee added 10 minutes in the plug-in) and it all came down to penalties. But before that there were strong performances from a team that lived up to the stakes.

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Lionel Messi was once again the man of the match, including a penalty. Nicolás Otamendi once again demonstrated his leadership against the albiceleste background and Emiliano Martínez increased his legend to save two penalties and be the hero of the quarterfinals.

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Next, Clarin’s 1×1:

Emiliano Martinez (10):

He collected all the centers. He held the balls that came to him without bouncing. Inaccurate in some long outings, but always provided with security. It has become giant containing two penalties. I drew a hero again, like in the Copa América.

Nahuel Molina (8):

It was the sharpest of the lanes. He played almost extreme. He started the goal play and ended it with a delicate definition of three fingers. His best match in Qatar.

Cristiano Romero (6):

Mark and exit. El Cuti was pure steadfastness to stop his rivals and also decided well when he was looking for the correct pass to start building the game.

Nicolas Otamendi (7):

Once again one of the best in the Argentine defense. They could not pass it either above or below. Punctual closures. Always upfront.

Lisandro Martínez (6):

It was impractical from below. He has always read the strikers’ plays well and this has allowed him to be one step ahead. He lost to Wout Weghorst in the Dutch Discount.

Marco Acuna (8):

A tractor in the left lane. And that he was a little happier than Molina because of the rise of Dumfries, the very one who committed the penalty that led to Messi’s 2-0 goal.

Rodrigo DePaul (6):

No traces of his much-discussed muscle ailment have been seen. Pure delivery to bite and press in between. He had a weak right shot that was left in the hands of the goalkeeper. He left exhausted, from Paredes.

Enzo Fernandez (6):

He had a good performance, with distribution and finishing in the box. He crashed a shot from the post at the end of extra time. He failed to shut down Weghorst in the equalizer. And he missed his penalty in the series.

Alexis MacAllister (7):

Another great game for the midfielder who has definitely established himself in the team. Sacrifice for chasing opponents and recovering balls and good driving on the counterattack.

Lionel Messi (9):

He scored both penalties, in regulation time and in decisive shots. He was the team flag again. Molina’s assist for the 1-0 was masterful. He could have made another one. The best field in his best World Cup.

Giuliano Alvarez (6):

He ran the entire time he was on the pitch. Quick and careful to get stuck in the pressure. He had to solve better when he had the ball.

Leandro Paredes (7):

He entered well, in tune with what was being played on the pitch. Hard on the mark. He cut in the middle and it was essential to give balance.

Nicolas Tagliafico (6):

It did its job in the left lane. It was designed, but it hasn’t finished being impactful.

German Pezzella (5):

He committed the offense on the edge of the area in the final minute of extra time which led to a goal for the Netherlands. Then he almost redeemed himself with a header that went over the top.

Lautaro Martinez (7):

He had everything to gain and everything to lose after failing to capitalize on two balls in the second overtime. He took charge of the last penalty and executed it firmly to get the ticket to the semifinals.

Lusail, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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