Tini Stoessel’s response to Rodrigo De Paul’s tender message after reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup: “I’m proud”

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The day after the painful qualification for the semifinals of the Argentine national team against the Netherlands was a moment of relaxation, both physically and mentally. Rodrigo De Paulthe midfielder who demanded his physique to the maximum due to the muscle discomfort that questioned him until the last moment and forced him to leave the field with the result 2-0, dedicated a tender post to his girlfriend Tini Stoesselwho answered him this Sunday already away from Doha, where he accompanied him during the first part of the tournament.

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De Paul had recalled that first visit of relatives to the Argentina national team bunker, which took place after the initial defeat against Saudi Arabia. At that moment, a recommendation emerged for players and family members not to share the images to avoid criticism from fans.

On Saturday, it was the same midfielder who came out of Racing and currently at Atlético de Madrid who chose a photo from that visit to Doha University to thank his girlfriend for her support. Tini Stoessel.

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“This photo is after Arabia… When there were more doubts than certainties, you took the first plane and arrived here, without caring about anything!!! When many people got off or repeated nonsense, you took me by the hand and said that I was not alone”De Paul wrote on his Instagram account, where he posted a photo hugging Tini.

The ‘engine’ of the staggered following: “Thank you for accompanying me, for having lived it with me, for your strength in the face of injustice and for being there, in silence but always there ????”.

“When this madness started, I told you I wouldn’t let you down, that I would stay until the last day, and here we are keeping my word…a little longer…THANK YOU. I love you. ???????? ????????????????”, De Paul asked Tini.

This Sunday, very early in Argentina, the successful singer responded through an Instagram story, because apparently a technical problem did not allow her to comment on her boyfriend’s post.

“You already know everything… I’m so proud of you and how you deal with everything that happens to you. Even though your physical condition wasn’t ideal, you left everything on the pitch”Tini began her message, referring to the hamstring muscle problem in her right leg.

“For me it was an honor to have always been able to accompany you in the good times but even more in the bad ones. I love you, thank you for these words and for giving me so much love. GO ARGENTINA CARAJO”hill.

The controversy surrounding his injury

The preview of the match against Holland was punctuated by versions that indicated Rodrigo De Paul’s injury. The information, leaked to the press from inside the Argentinian concentrate, generated the anger of the team and also of the coach, Lionel Scaloni, who was shocked: “I don’t know if we’re playing for Argentina or for the Netherlands”. he said .

The coach confirmed that De Paul was fine, the midfielder was also fit in training before the match and in a video call made with Kun Agüero a few hours before the quarterfinals.

“The emotion is for what we did, for what my teammates had said. But above all because few know the effort I put in these three days to be able to be today. The truth is that it screwed us so much that this information was leaked, because we wanted to handle it very carefully,” De Paul said after the shooting.

De Paul clarified that as long as he wears the national team shirt it’s fine. “But hey, some gave me out of the World Cup, they said I was torn. Not only do you have to bear the anger that someone out there has something there, but also reassure the family. Because my mom and dad called me to know how he was, because he hadn’t told anyone.”

“I did a great job with the physios and the pain. I thank the coach who let me decide. He knew what was at stake. He was always consensual and asked questions. I knew once I got in there I couldn’t get out after 10 minutes, I had a lot of pressure and I feel that the work has made everything go well,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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