An Argentinian put his marriage on hold to go to the World Cup in Qatar and received a proposal from a sheik that could change his life

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Life can have the most unusual and unexpected turns, those that defy all imagination and happen unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

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One of those shifts fell to Victorio Stok Berraondo, a 27 years old from Tucuman who asked his girlfriend to cancel the wedding they had planned for December 18 to go to Qatar. Once in the country on the Arabian peninsula, she received a more than tempting offer.

“I had an interview with a company that provides travel assistance and They offered me to come to Qatar for the Argentines. Then I got another confirmation call,” the Tucuman doctor told the TN news channel.

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So, overnight, he found himself packing his bags and traveling to a destination where all the Argentine national team fans wanted to be. “We arrived here on November 18 and we will stay as long as the national team wants, hopefully until December 19,” said Victorio.

But before embarking for Doha, Victorio had to raise the situation with his girlfriend Candelaria, with whom he had set the wedding date for December 18th. A very special date: it is the day on which the World Cup final will be played.

“My girlfriend was very emotional. When that happened, we started crying with emotion and she said to me ‘you leave or you leave, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity'” said Victorio.

And, from afar, he thanked her for understanding: “Thanks to your contribution I’m here, what I’m living is an incredible experience and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have lived it”.

The marriage issue was resolved quickly. They have set a new date for January, and although she still has some details to sort out about the organization of the wedding, during her stay in Qatar she wasted no time and has already bought something essential: the rings.

“I bought the rings here. I can’t wait to get there and put it on her finger. We will have an intimate party, very close to each other, familiar, ”said the doctor from Tucuman.

“I sent my girlfriend a picture and she loved it so I bought both. I paid them 400 dollars, but for being Argentinian they left me for 300,” she said.

But to the opportunity of having gone to Qatar in the middle of the World Cup, with all that that means, Victorio added something else. Because that turning point that brought him to Doha in mid-November had a new surprise in store for him.

And it is that because of his work, Victorio started moving between patients and local doctors of Doha clinics. This is how he met the owners of these health centers and one of them, a Sheikh from Qatar, offered him a job.

“I’m considering the possibility. I have to go back to Buenos Aires, see the newspaper issue, if you’ll let me. The sheikh was moved by my story, because of my age, he was very happy. He told me he would like to have someone like me in his clinic,” Victorio said.

But obviously, once again he had to consult with the person who remained in Argentina waiting for him to return to the “Yes” at the altar. And Candelaria’s response was immediate: “she replied that she already has her bags packed”.

Source: Clarin

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