The glory of the national team that will replace Momo Benavides as the voice of the stadium in Argentina-Croatia

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The preview of the semi-final of the World Cup in Qatar between Argentina and Croatia in the impressive stadium of Lusail will be staged on Tuesday animation of former goalkeeper Sergio Goycocheahero of the team led by Carlos Bilardo and reached the final in Italy 1990.

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Goycochea will be the voice of the stadium chosen by FIFA for the Argentine presentation after the World Cup organization moved streamer and influencer Gerónimo “Momo” Benavides from that venue.

“Have the chance to be the voice of the stadium and connecting with people is a good feeling“Goycochea celebrated.

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In radio statements to DSports, the former goalkeeper argued that there will be “like feel part of the green grass“.

It was ‘Momo’ himself, chosen streamer of the year in 2021 and a Platense fan, who explained FIFA’s decision to remove him from his post: “Unfortunately, today FIFA informed me that I will no longer be the voice of the stadium when play the national team, without much explanation, they made me understand which part is due to what happened against the Netherlands,” he posted in a thread on his Twitter account, where he has more than 500,000 followers.

The streamer became the stadium’s voice in Argentina’s matches on a proposal from the AFA based on his relationship with Nicolás Novello, press officer of the Argentina national team. This was followed by a study process by FIFA which finally confirmed that privileged place: staying on the field of play until the moment the teams entered the field, haranguing the fans.

Born in the 19 de febrero district of La Plata, Gerónimo Benavides Marchesi was also part of the broadcasts that take place daily on AFA Estudio, the Twicht channel that opened shortly before this World Cup to make the national team the first to officially enter that world .

The defense that Momo had made after the expulsion

“Unfortunately today FIFA told me that I will no longer be the voice of the stadium when the national team plays, without much explanation they gave me to understand which part is due to what happened against the Netherlands”.

“To those who feel that I have failed them, or perhaps they have not heard that I have done what I had to do right from my humble place. I sincerely try to be the voice of each of you as Argentinian as possible, without reciting it , feeling it and expressing myself as you would do, to be one more as always Thank you for accompanying me in this dream that I lived, thanks to the AFA and to the players and workers of the national team who have always integrated me (and it is not up to them) and above all to the players for the moments of happiness that make us live and that are the most important thing. This beautiful and fucking work has come to this, I hope I have not disappointed you and you will see me vlogging from everywhere, encouraging as always, singing as always, because the important is that Argentina reach the maximum, not my role, I was a link in something beautiful. As I always say: let’s bench the players and those who work all DAY TO REACH THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE On Tuesday from the grandstand ANYWAY, with or without a ticket, I’ll be the same as always, one more. I love you, sorry and thank you.”

Source: Clarin

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