The story between Demichelis and Otamendi: from the conquest of the place in Brazil 2014 to the encouragement in Qatar and the invitation to retire at the River

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Football, like life, has shifts. And there are many stories that revolve around the ball. And what can be counted in the last few hours is that of two defenders who fought for a place in a World Cup and now one, in the role of coach, wants to count on the other, who is facing one of the most transcendent moments of his football career .

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is the story of Martin Demichelis and Nicolás Otamendiwho fought for a place in Brazil 2014. The remembered Alejandro Sabella stayed with Micho, while Nico, who had already been to South Africa 2010, had to wait another four years to play a World Cup again.

There was speculation at the time that Sabella would shut out one of the concentrated defenders and ultimately shut out Otamendi. The coach opted for Demichelis, who brought his experience (Micho was 33 at the time) to a young defense and who could better adapt – according to the coach’s point of view – to different schemes.

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Otamendi had arrived at Atlético de Mineiro this year, given that Valencia, who had bought him, had a full quota of foreigners. Thus, Otamendi tried to reach the World Cup with continuity in which, finally, he had no revenge after a weak performance in the South Africa 2010 elimination playing at right back as Argentina were beaten 4-0 by Germany.

That team led by Maradona was integrated together as Demichelis also played in that World Cup. And years later they would be teammates at Manchester City where they shared the 2015/16 season.

Now, while Otamendi competes in the World Cup in Qatar and establishes himself as one of the best defenders of the Cup, Demichelis is waiting for him to direct him to River. “He’s an established player, he’s made a big trip to Europe. I know him, he’s a River fan and I hope he becomes world champion, come here and you’ll be recognized on all Argentine football fields because he deserves it,” he said the coach of the club Núñez in a press conference.

Then, with more emphasis, and speaking directly to Otamendi through the camera, he underlined: “Nico, I’m talking to you. I came out as world champion and I’ve come to retire at River. All Argentine football will honor you. I know you come from River, come and make your dream come true. At 34 you are one of the best defenders in the world.”

What Demichelis says is true given that Otamendi is a fan of River and has the desire to wear the red armband in the final stage of his career. But the defender still has a contract with Benfica until June 2023 and they have offered him an extension.

So for Micho’s wish – and that of the entire River Plate planet – to come true, Otamendi must pressure the Portuguese club into leaving him and leaving after the World Cup or wait until mid-2023 for him to keep the pass in his power. . Meanwhile, Demichelis has already started the operation of seducing Otamendi to be a River player and for both to share a squad again, this time one as a coach and the other as a pillar of defence.

Source: Clarin

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