The Spanish journalist who called for Croatia to score four goals against Argentina doubled down on his bet: ‘Thanks to me they’re in the World Cup final’

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A “motivational tactic”. Like this he apologized The Spanish El Chiringuito reporter said he wanted Croatia to score four goals for the Argentina national team, after the Albiceleste qualified for Tuesday’s World Cup final.

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We are talking about Juanma Rodríguez, commentator on the aforementioned sports programme, who in last Friday’s edition – when the national team won on penalties against the Netherlands – he lambasted Lionel Scaloni’s side for their attitude of their players after the match.

“What I hope it is let Croatia score four. And if they’re lucky enough to make it to the final, let France score six. They are unpresentable, you can’t defend everything. This is not football,” the Spaniard said.

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His wish was not fulfilled: Argentina beat the Croatians 3-0 and secured a place in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar which will be played next Sunday at 12 noon.

After the result, the most awaited voice was that of the emerging pundit Juanma Rodríguez, who was asked by the Argentine fans to “go out and be seen” for his statements.

And he did it a few minutes after the end of the match outside the broadcast of the program, in a video who posted El Chiringuito’s account on his channel from YouTube.

Thanks to my motivational tacticThanks to the words I said the other day at the Chiringuito, I managed to get Argentina to win, wake up“Said the journalist in the recording entitled ‘Juanma gives his face’ without giving up his superb position.

In the same ironic tone, he added: “To the Argentine soccer team, don’t thank me, there’s no need. I am a modest manI want to be in the background.”

Far from his critical stance that he had shown in the last game, Rodríguez continued to claim victory for the Argentines in a sarcastic way.

“But man, recognize that thanks in part -also to Messi- but in part to the Chiringuito, Argentina will be in the big final of the world championship. As I knew that you had to shake the shaker a bitthe tree, so that the team my friend scaloni will be planted in the final of the World Cup”.

Finally he concluded: “And now the most important thing remains: we will shake Argentina up again so that it proclaims itself world champion. Thanks to me, Argentina is at the World Cup, and you know it”, he concluded.

“I hope Croatia make four”, the Spanish journalist’s wish for the conduct of the Argentine national team in the quarter-finals

The words of Juanma Rodríguez that ignited the controversy were after the players of the Argentine national team celebrated their pass to the semifinals against the Netherlands. According to the reporter, they did it inappropriately. And consequently she wanted them to lose.

“What I hope is that Croatia will score four goals for them. And if they are lucky enough to reach the final, France will score six. They are unpresentable, you can’t defend everything. This is not football,” he said.

“They have reconverted the planet football. In the semifinal it won’t be Argentina-Croatia, it will be Argentina against the rest of the world. I hope they make six in the final. Karma exists and it will happen to them too,” he said. added.

Then, he threw a question in the air: “Is Argentina ready for this? This example of balance like Dibu Martínez is prepared so that when he kicks in the semifinals and Luka Modric scores the last penalty, a Croatian player comes and hits him do so (mocking gesture)? Are you ready”, he concluded.


Source: Clarin

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