Pujato, in mourning: the mayor has confirmed that there will be no celebrations if Argentina wins the world cup

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offerthe city of Santa Fe where he was born Lionel Scaloni, is crossed by the pain that caused the death of the young Agustín Fratini (27) in a car accident. In this context, the municipal president Daniele Quacquarini told it They will not celebrate on Sunday if Argentina were to become world champions in Qatar.

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We are not going to celebrate if we are world champions. Everything will be in due time. There will be time to do it,” Daniel Quacquarini said in a statement to Radio Villa Trinidad.

The accident, which Scaloni himself referred to after the victory against the Netherlands, took place on Friday on Route 33 and cost the life of Agustín Fratini, at the Golf curve.

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This news made the city of 3,700 inhabitants mourn, so the next day, when she graduated only “a letter was read and no one danced”.

Scaloni also celebrates in silence, he doesn’t shout goals, he will also have mixed feelings because whoever could be with him, accompanying him and watching the games there with him, is not in a condition and all these problems must pass “The image in which he embraces his son it means his father’s hug to him. He’s a down-to-earth boy, even though many make the image of a cold boy,” the community official explained.

“We will have time to recognize Lionel, which we owe him, but for now and if we are champions, everything will be intimate, out of respect,” he concluded.

After the match against Holland, Scaloni asked to speak at the press conference, interrupting a question. “First of all I want to send a big hug to the village of Pujato, which is having a very sad day, due to the death of a boy from the village. I send a big hug to the Fratini family and the Franceschetti family. What one day should be happy ends up being very pitiful.”

The technician, a native of Pujato, surprised with the mention. For the people, however, what Scaloni did “is not surprising for his way of being, his humility and his heart. In a press conference in such an important phase, I ask you to send a greeting to his people, to his families, for what happened he speaks perfectly of who Lionel Scaloni is. He may be anywhere in the world but his heart is still in Pujato,” Quacquarini says.

Who was Agustin Fratini?

Fratini was an electromechanical technician, community employee and much loved in the country where he was born and raised. He lived with his mother Natalia and his grandmother Vilma. He was an only child, a lover of fishing and avid racing. “You are the drug I was injected at birth,” he says on his Instagram profile.

Mother and grandmother did everything for Agustín. Natalia is a teacher who, for many years, has traveled hundreds of kilometers by bus, to different locations to teach and support her son. And her grandmother Vilma pampered him with her favorite homemade dish: Milanese with fries. “He also had another dish that drove him crazy: grilled chicken with leek sauce.”

«A healthy, hard-working, positive boy, one of those who never cause problems», says Quacquarini, who cannot believe «that he has to talk about my friend in the past».

Two things that Agustín enthusiastically enjoyed. One was to go to Buenos Aires to see Racing, “which has given him a lot of joy lately”, slips one of his friends. “Another was to go fishing by boat. He loved to go to Paraná looking for dorados and surubíes. And once or twice a year we went to Paso de la Patria (Corrientes) and spent a weekend in the river.”

On Friday morning, Agustín was driving from Casilda, 13 kilometers from Pujato, and in a still unknown manoeuvre, on Route 33 in poor condition, near Casilda Golf, his white Peugeot 208 crashed into a tree. .

With information from Telam

Source: Clarin

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