Boris Becker has served part of his sentence and has been released: he has been deported to Germany and will not be able to return to Great Britain

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Boris BeckerA living tennis legend, he was released on Thursday after spending eight months in two UK prisons, after being sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for four financial offenses linked to his 2017 bankruptcy filing. World and six-tournament winner of the Grand Slam was deported to Germanyas reported by the British news agency AP.

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“He has served his sentence and is not subject to any penal restrictions in Germany”, explained Christian Moser, the German’s lawyer. And “for reasons of protection of privacy”, he did not provide details on the municipality where the 55-year-old former footballer will reside.

Under British law, Becker had to serve half his sentence – 15 months – to be released on parole. However, benefited from a special release program and deportation, which gives foreign detainees the option “to be released and deported up to twelve months before their first release date.”

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The rest of the sentence will be suspended, but the German will not be able to return to Britain – country in which he resided since 2012, despite not having British nationality – until the expiry of this period.

Three-time Wimbledon champion (1985, 1986 and 1989) He was convicted on April 29 by the British justice of concealing assets and loans worth about 2.5 million pounds (about 3 million euros) in order not to pay his debts, which amounted to about 50 million pounds (60 million euros).

He was indicted on 24 counts of property concealment, but a South London jury found him guilty of only four counts, including theft of assets, failure to disclose assets and concealment of a debt. Also sentenced for failing to declare a property in Germany and for hiding a bank loan of 825 thousand euros and shares in the artificial intelligence technology company Breaking Data Corp.

After the conviction, Becker was imprisoned Wandworth, a prison often described as “one of the worst in the UK”, overcrowded, infested with bugs and rats and where violence and drug abuse are commonplace. And it’s just four miles from the All England, the club where he achieved three-time glory.

After a few weeks, he was transferred to the prison huntercombe, a lower security prison for foreign criminals, located west of the British capital. The first months in that institute were hard for the German, who was also criticized by the other inmates – some even sent complaints by letter to the prison director – for alleged privileges in treatment.

But soon after that he started filling his time with different activities, which allowed him to keep his head busy.

According to the German newspaper Bild, the German trained regularly in the gym and worked as an assistant physical trainer in the prison, contributing his point of view on the physical and psychological condition of the prisoners. Also, he taught his peers about nutrition and “yoga and meditation.”

News of the former tennis player’s release came as no surprise. Several days ago several German media had anticipated that he would be released and that he would return to Germany. And they also recounted what plans Becker has to redirect his life after his time in prison.

The Swiss-German newspaper click reported that the Leo of Leimen He will release a television interview for a Munich channel, which was in charge of paying for the return home with a private flight. Also, will write an autobiographical bookwhich may still not generate income for him, as “the income he generates in Germany also goes to the bankruptcy estate and he cannot keep most of it”.

The German also hopes to start working with his country’s tennis federation, which has opened its doors for him. “If he has served his sentence, there is nothing to stop him from resuming his role. I can imagine many things for Boris: head of men’s tennis, coach, president or whatever. To put it bluntly: Boris can choose the job”Dirk Hordorff, president of that organization, assured in the past weeks.


Source: Clarin

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