Desperation of Argentines in Qatar to get tickets for the final: resale of up to four times the original value

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“Please Chiqui”. Thus, with the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, as the main recipient, it is the name of the new WhatsApp group that aggregates the pleas of all the Argentines who are here or who are about to arrive in Qatar and do not have tickets for the grand finale of Sunday. There is desperation to get tickets. It seems that this time they will not reach the almost 90,000 seats that the Lusail stadium has due to so much demand.

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Tickets are sold out right now. But it’s a way of saying. Because you know what inputs there are. Or rather, there will be.

It is anticipated that, as is the case with this type of match, there will be ticket surplus coming from all those optimists who bought tickets thinking their team would reach the final and are now willing to recoup their investment. Yes, even if there are Argentina and France, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, face to face, There are people who no longer want to see the definition for the simple fact that their team is already out of the race.

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The original value of the tickets for the final cost from 604 to 1,607 dollars. And, in case the remainders appear, they can be obtained for the same value. The problem is that it wasn’t just the optimists who bought tickets in advance. There are also opportunists who get hold of ticket packages to make the deal of their life, taking advantage of the desperation generated by the possibility of witnessing a possible Olympic return of Messi and his fabulous Scaloneta.

That’s when retailers step into action, right now applying the laws of capitalism to the letter in order to get the maximum return possible from the initial investment. And right now, tickets triple and even quadruple their value in that illegal market.

There is one non-secondary fact. Everyone wants to get the category 3 ticket, but not because it’s the cheapest, but because it’s the best location. They are the seats behind the arches. That’s why in WhatsApp groups, those that multiply by dozens, everyone wants to get a category 3 ticket.

However, Argentinian fans are not here to throw butter at the ceiling. Nobody wants to overpay. No one has an extra mango. They know that the game of speculation is the order of the day, but they also know that whoever waits can have his prize. You can go to Lusail Stadium and swap roles with scalpers. About every hour you can access tickets at prices very similar to the official ones.

It takes risk to take care of your wallet. But you can also stand outside and watch the game from a small bowling alley on Lusail Boulevard. But there are also those who don’t want to be excluded for anything in the world. That’s why fans organized and They put together this plea group called “Please, Chiqui.”

This Thursday, around 200 people gathered to demonstrate in front of the Jaasim Tower Hotel, near Souq Waqif. Chiqui Tapia and the Argentine Football Federation delegation are staying there. There has been massive demand. It was perhaps the closest thing to a picket line in this small Arab emirate bordering the waters of the Persian Gulf.

“Oh come on Chiqui Tapia, give us the tickets”it was the shot that was repeated over and over again in the call.

It has even emerged that the president of the AFA has encouraged fans to mobilize and claim the look of a remnant. Hours later, the rumor began to circulate that this Friday, at 9 am in Doha -six hours later than in Argentina-, The parent company of the ball will start selling any remaining stock at the official price. The promise is made. Even a list created by the group organizer, which quickly filled up with interested parties.

This story will no doubt continue.

Doha, Qatar. Special delivery.

Source: Clarin

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