The incredible story of Zhou Jing: the Chinese who supports Argentina at the World Cup and supports Nicolás Tagliafico

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Nicholas Tagliafico had an outstanding performance this Tuesday against Croatia, for the semi-final of Qatar World Cup 2022. The defender of Argentina national team He became strong on the left wing in both attack and defense and was instrumental in reaching the World Cup final.

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Lionel Scaloni’s team is 90 minutes away from making history and what this group engenders in people transcends borders and languages. This Thursday, during the albiceleste training session at the Qatar University, a person with Asian features leaned against the gates of the property with a blue and white shirt and a special request.

What was he doing there? Who was? Clarín correspondents in Doha were able to find out what it is ZhoujingThe 25-year-old who is an Argentina fan and traveled with a friend from China to Qatar to support the national team at the World Cup and show his fanaticism for Nicholas Tagliafico.

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But everything took on another dimension when the former Independiente came out to greet them after training. Cut it he finished training with his teammates and surprised everyone by approaching the gate of the property. There, on the other side, they were waiting for him.

The Argentine greeted them, He signed their shirts, the poster and even their arm. Zhou Jing, who will be getting the Argentine defender’s signature tattooed, could not control his emotion at him and could only tell him in English that he loved him and that he will support Argentina in the World Cup final against France this Sunday.

The albiceleste shirt that Zhou wore had the number 3 printed on the back and the surname of the Olympique de Lyon man. Furthermore, a flag with lots of photos of the defender and several other shirts. idolatry for Cut it it is total.

Love knows no boundaries

How did this love story start? Zhou Jing started following Nicolás Tagliafico in 2018, when the Argentina national team played the World Cup in Russia.

There were only 4 games that the Albicelestial in that competition, but that was enough for the 25-year-old to become a fan Cut it for his delivery, his way of playing and his personality.

They started following his career at Ajax Amsterdam and investigated his background. The Orientals realized that the former Banfield had lifted the Copa Sudamericana with Independiente in Brazil, being an emblem of the team and they were fascinated by the feat at the Maracana.

Curiously, that victory against Flamengo on Brazilian soil took place on December 13, 2017. Thus, when Tagliafico entered the Lusail stadium to play the World Cup semifinal against Croatia, that feat was 5 years old.

Asians have become fans of Rafael Calzada’s man over the years, but also of the Argentine national team. Zhou Jing has a tattoo on his left leg of Diego Maradona and another of Lionel Messi lifting the Copa América at the Maracana.

Even if they can’t say anything other than “Vamos Argentina” or “Tagliafico I love you” in Spanish, Asians have a special relationship with our country. Around his neck, Zhou Jing wears a one-peso coin necklace. A very special amulet to always keep your favorite team close.

In this World Cup in Qatar 2022, the Orientals went to all the matches of the Argentine national team dressed in blue and white and demonstrated their fanaticism for Cut it. This Thursday they had the opportunity to meet their idol. They don’t know yet if they will be in Sunday’s final against France because they haven’t bought the tickets. But in these hours, anything can happen.

Even if the feat at the Maracana in 2017 was far away, the Orientals saw it through YouTube videos. This time perhaps fate will prepare a surprise for them and they will be able to see with their own eyes their idol proclaimed world champion in Doha, Qatar.

Source: Clarin

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