Sergio Agüero’s anger with a Spanish youtuber who criticized the Argentine national team: “You fall for the ort…”

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Sergio Kun Aguero had a strong crossover with the popular Spanish streamer DJ Mariowho a few days ago caused a sensation by posting the photo on his Twitter account, after the Argentine national team’s victory on penalties against the Netherlands, in which we observe how the Argentine players celebrate next to the Dutch, which many interpreted as a provocation.

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“Go play FIFA yourself”was Agüero’s social network response to the best-known FIFA video game youtuber in Spain, who also predicted a massive win for France against Argentina in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final.

With the intention of calming things down, the streamer Ibai Llanos, in the company of former Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, He crossed paths with Agüero with DJ Mariio via video call.

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Mario Alonso Gallardo, real name of the youtuber, started the communication trying to joke about what happened on the net and showed an Argentina national team shirt, however, the Kun did not give up.

And with the face of very few friends, the former Independiente, Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City goalscorer asked: “They’re really joking, aren’t they?”

Piqué, noting Agüero’s anger, launched: “I don’t know if it’s true or a lie, if it’s acting or if it really touched you.”

Then, Agüero whitewashed: “If he does stupid things I get angry.”

“I don’t care. Nobody has to apologize to me,” continued Agüero, who was present at the national team’s training session this Thursday accompanying his former teammates.

And speaking directly to DJ Mariio, he stated without hesitation: “The only thing I said in the group was that I fell in love with the garden. Nothing more. And I’m telling you right here, to your face.”

“I don’t understand why Kun. I don’t know what I did to you”, underlined the Spanish youtuber. But Agüero continued in his position: “I prefer to tell you here, nothing happens. Everyone likes people as they are.”


Source: Clarin

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