Dibu Martínez, from the miraculous save in extra time to hero again on penalties: “There can’t be a World Cup that I’ve dreamed of so much”

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Was Ubaldo Matildo Fillol in 1978was Nery Pumpido in 1986was Sergio Goycoechea in Italy 90was Sergio Romero in 2014. All together, personified in the Lusail da stadium Damiano Emiliano Martinez. ‘Dibu’, 30, from Mar del Plata, has established himself as the total figure of an Argentina national team that became world champion for the third time, for his miraculous save in extra time against France and his mind control of some penalties where he was once again a hero.

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“It’s a moment that I always have to give to my team-mates, they still kicked me three times and scored three goals, but then I did everything right“, he said again with tears in his eyes and with his eldest son Santi (4), shortly before receiving the Golden Glove from FIFA as the best goalkeeper of the 2022 World Cup.

The reference is for the three goals by kylian mbappe (two penalties), why France He almost finished on goal until the 70th minute, but above all for what happened afterwards, in the last game of extra time.

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A long ball caught from the Argentine national team’s defense only found Kolo Muani in front of ‘Dibu’ Martínez, with the unbeatable ball pricking the lead. The French forward let her down and wanted to break her bow, but the Albiceleste goalkeeper stretched his left leg as if it were on a Futsal pitch, narrowing the angle and managed to push it away.

“A game of suffering, two shitty shots and we equalized. One thing we said was that it was destiny to suffer, we made it 3-2, they charged us another penalty, thank God I got that foot out”affirmed on that game that, paradox or fate, he started playing Futsal.

Then? Dibu himself summed it up: “Then I did my thing, what I dreamed of, there couldn’t be a World Cup that I dreamed of so much”. In statistics, Coman saved himself on the right post and won the mental duel with Tchouameni, ‘stealing’ the ball, throwing it far and guessing the post, even if the midfielder’s shot went straight wide.

Martínez, who had already been fundamental in the last game against Australia in the round of 16 and on penalties against Holland for the quarterfinals, he launched his dedication: “To my family, I come from a very humble place, I went to England when I was very young and I want to dedicate this to them”.

Source: Clarin

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