“La cumbia de los rags”, the popular music classic with which the Argentina national team lifted the World Cup in Lusail

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The Argentine national team raised its third World Cup with a very popular song: “La cumbia de los rags”, a song by the cumbia group Yerba Brava which over the years has become an anthem for the fans.

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“The weekend is coming, let’s all go on the field/ Everything is ready, the hype and the rag to get out”, begins the cumbia that began to sound in the 2000s, when one of the great Argentine crises began to explode

With all the players of the Argentina national team in the center of the pitch at the Lusail Stadium, the theme began to blare loudly through the loudspeakers and players and fans alike erupted in cheers.

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It is no coincidence that that shot of cumbia was felt. It’s a song that talks about football, passion and fans and that has never stopped playing in the clubs of Cumbia or on the playing fields since it came out.

“Drunk, I’m singing / With my friends, I’m celebrating another triumph / I’m mad for my rag / Follow you to the death where are you going / Because we want to turn around / We want to give,” says the chorus that was belted out inside and outside the stadium.

The song is part of the album “Cumbia villera”, a classic that has become a musical genre in its own right, which was later promoted by other bands such as Damas Gratis, Pibes Chorros or Los Gedientos del Rock.

The Yerba Brava album quickly went platinum and began to be heard by dancers all over the country. In addition to the success achieved in Qatar, she has had other successes such as Pibe Cantina, “La canción de la yuta” or Vago Atorrante.

Today he reached the top. At the end of the world. And to eternal glory at the hands of Lionel Messi.

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Source: Clarin

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